Greens Decry Harper Government Moving to Even Weaker GHG

 – Green Party of Canada – Parti vert du Canada

Harper has done it again. Hiding behind the US weak greenhouse gas targets, Canada has now watered down our commitment again, setting a new base year of 2005 for greenhouse gas reductions. “After sabotaging progress in Copenhagen, the Harper government has now moved to an even weaker target,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.

In 2006, when the Harper Conservatives were elected, Canada was legally bound to reduce emissions to 6% below 1990 levels by 2012. Under the Conservatives and the Liberals, our emissions have been rising. The Harper government has repudiated our legally binding commitments and cancelled all climate programmes. Now they have set a target which would leave Canada above 1990 levels by 2020.

“The Conservatives are playing with numbers and we still have no concrete plan on how to begin reducing emissions and how to shift us toward the new green economy of Canada’s future. The North calls on our government to act,” said John Streicker, Green Party Critic for Arctic and Northern Affairs.

“Our long-awaited ‘Made in Canada’ plan is once again ‘Made in Houston’. Canada has no plan to reduce greenhouse gases, while Harper focuses on media spin to avoid bad press,’” said Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, Green Climate Critic. “I would have thought a solution truly made in Canada would reflect the spirit of international cooperation and leadership Canadians want their country to show.”

The Copenhagen Accord requires Annex I Parties to enhance the emissions reductions beyond Kyoto, a requirement which will not be met by the current Conservative plan.

“It is unacceptable to continually lower our commitment to deal with the climate crisis and then hide behind the US target. The difference is the US has put $112 billion into Green energy choices and has a real plan, while Canada has killed green energy funding and has no plan,” noted May.

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