Climate Scientist Sues National Post

The Guardian Andrew Weaver with the IPCC's 2007 report on which he was a lead author. Photograph: Ray SmithOne of the world's leading climate scientists has launched a libel lawsuit against a Canadian newspaper for publishing articles that he says "poison" the debate on global warming.In a case with potentially huge consequences for online publishers, lawyers acting for Andrew Weaver, a climate modeller ... [click title to continue]

May Day in Regina: Activists and socialists discuss rebuilding the left

As a follow up to the successful January 30th meeting in Regina, the Committee for Rebuilding the Left is sponsoring an educational and discussion meeting in celebration of May Day.Speakers are Greg Albo from the Socialist Project, Eriel Deranger, a tar sands and aboriginal activist, and Peter Garden, the administrator for the Actupinsask Independent Media website and owner of the Turning the Tide ... [click title to continue]

Maude Barlow speaks with Democracy Now!

From Melting Glaciers to Structural Adjustment: Maude Barlow on the Need for Water Justice Democracy Now! In the Andean highlands of South America, climate change isn’t just an abstract threat. In Bolivia, glaciers are melting at what experts say is an alarming rate as a result of rising global temperatures. We speak with Maude Barlow, head of the Council of Canadians, about the melting glaciers, ... [click title to continue]

Tar Sands Tailings Leakage Subject of NAFTA Complaint

Federal government failing to enforce fisheries law, submission allegesA coalition of environmental organizations and citizens filed a citizens’ submission today with the environmental side-body of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). The submission alleges that the Canadian government is failing to enforce the anti-pollution provisions ... [click title to continue]

NDP climate change bill moves closer to becoming law

NDP news releaseThe NDP’s Climate Change Accountability Act (Bill C-311), which will commit the federal government to achieving practical, science-based greenhouse-gas reduction targets, moved one step closer to becoming law today.“It was great to see a majority of the members come together to get this passed,” said New Democrat MP Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay–Superior North), who introduced bill. ... [click title to continue]

Oil sands PR blitz anything but balanced

Simon Dyer OilSandsWatch.Org It's official: the unabashed oil sands PR blitz is in full swing. It's image, not impacts that industry is addressing, and that's a problem.CAPP, along with nine other industry associations has launched "Alberta is Energy ," a campaign complete with town hall meetings, a website and a media plan to sell oil and gas. Two recently uploaded YouTube videos highlight key messaging ... [click title to continue]

Council of Canadians taking action in Cochabamba

Council of Canadians team prepares for Cochabamba Photo: (L-R) - Anil Naidoo (Blue Planet Project Organizer), Maude Barlow (National Chairperson), Andrea Harden-Donahue (Energy Campaigner), and Brent Patterson (Director of Campaigns and Communications) will be on the ground in Cochabamba from Aptil 19-22, 2010. The climate justice movement grew dramatically in strength during the Copenhagen climate ... [click title to continue]

April 14th Vote Must Save Canada’s Climate Change Bill

The Green Party of Canada is urging all Canadians to contact their Member of Parliament and ask them to vote in favour of Bill C-311 on April 14th. This crucial vote will determine whether the bill goes to third reading; if the vote fails, this important piece of legislation will be dead. Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act, sets out science-based reduction targets for greenhouse gas ... [click title to continue]

Canada Fossil Fools Day 2010

FOSSIL FOOL NOMINEES People for Climate Justice, a national coalition of concerned residents in Canada wish to announce the Fossil Fools of the Year, but who is it going to be? Please vote!People for Climate Justice has nominated several tar sands supporters, all worthy of the dubious prize. It will be a tough choice. Who really and truly is the most foolish to be tangled up in the dirty fossil fuel ... [click title to continue]