Oil Sands Pollute with Fish-Killing Toxins, New Study Shows

Detection of high heavy metals levels in Athabasca River contradicts government claims. By Andrew NikiforukTheTyee.ca Oil sands processing on Alberta's Athabasca River Despite repeated government claims that the world's largest energy project doesn't contaminate the Athabasca River, a new scientific study released today shows that air pollution from the oil sands industry combined with extensive ... [click title to continue]

Canada Opens Arctic To NATO, Plans Massive Weapons Buildup

By Rick RozoffGlobal Research, August 29, 2010 Stop NATO The government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently concluded the largest of a series of so-called Canadian sovereignty exercises in the Arctic, Operation Nanook, which ran from August 6-26. Harper, Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay and Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces General Walter Natynczyk visited the nation's ... [click title to continue]

Canadian Dimension Focuses on Ecosocialism

Canadian DimensionThe division within the environmental movement between market ecologism and ecosocialism has become increasingly clear with the failure of Copenhagen and the promise of Cochabamba. This issue of CD focuses on the rising tide of ecosocialism. We feature an exclusive interview with ecosocialist founder Joel Kovel; the CD panel at the Peoples’ Summit on building the ecosocialist movement; ... [click title to continue]

Canada Insists Oil-Rich Tar Sands Are Sustainable

By Leon KayeTriple Pundit Some of Canada’s most stunning natural beauty is in the prosperous province of Alberta. Walk through downtown Calgary and you get the vibe that it is the true economic center of Canada. Banff and Jasper National Parks boast incredible scenery and awe-inspiring wildlife. About 275 miles and a nine-hour drive away, the landscape changes, and displays the driver behind Alberta’s ... [click title to continue]

‘Constant Denial': Liberal Report on Tar Sands Is Scathing

Grits' dissenting report on two-year parliamentary study calls for sweeping reforms. By Andrew Nikiforuk, TheTyee.ca A dissenting Liberal report on the highly contentious findings of a two-year long parliamentary study on the impact of the tar sands on Canada's freshwater supplies has accused both industry and government of being in a state of denial about "the potential negative consequences the ... [click title to continue]

Arctic villages stop seismic tests as Canada mulls oil future

Renee Schoof McClatchy NewspapersWASHINGTON — Above the Arctic Circle in Canada near Greenland, five Inuit villages have won a court order that blocks a German icebreaker from conducting seismic tests of an underwater region that abounds with marine life — and possibly with oil, gas and minerals.For the villagers who live in this mostly treeless region of fiords, icebergs and polar bears, the case ... [click title to continue]

How the Tar Sands Threaten Canada’s Economic Fate

A short course in Dutch Disease, deindustrialization and the Bitumen Curse. By Andrew Nikiforuk, TheTyee.ca Every week Canada's least favorite Emir, Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach, earnestly lectures Canadians that the mighty tar sands are a boon to the national economy because "Alberta's engine drives Canada." Just a week ago the eloquent Stelmach told the folks at the annual Canadian premiers conference ... [click title to continue]

Oil, Gas, and Canada-Colombia Free Trade

By Dawn PaleyNACLACanada has been involved in oil and gas in Colombia since the 1920s, when the Canadian-based International Petroleum Corporation (IPC), then a subsidiary of Standard Oil of New Jersey, owned Tropical Oil and the Andian Pipeline Company. When ownership of these companies was due to revert back to the Colombian state in 1951(concessions at the time were for 30 years), IPC feared that ... [click title to continue]

Mammoth trucks en route to Canada’s tar sands threaten Montana

By Rick BassCross posted from Grist.orgA new scheme threatens to tear up Montana to facilitate tar-sands oil extraction in Canada.Imperial Oil (you couldn’t make up a name like that) has contracted with the Dutch company Mammoet (meaning “mammoth,” another apt name) to transport giant machines from South Korea through Idaho and Montana to Canada’s Athabaskan tar-sands project in Alberta.Read ... [click title to continue]