Tories left oilsands data out of UN report

Numbers indicate rise in annual pollution By MIKE DE SOUZAOttawa CitizenMay 29, 2011 8:01 PM The federal government has acknowledged it deliberately excluded data indicating a 20 per cent increase in annual pollution from Canada’s oilsands industry in 2009 from a recent 567-page report on climate change that it was required to submit to the United Nations.The numbers, uncovered by Postmedia News, ... [click title to continue]

Green MP Elizabeth May questions federal climate change plan

By Stephen HuiStraight.comMay 26, 2011 Elizabeth May, Green Party leader Canada’s only Green MP claims she will “leave no stone unturned” holding Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s majority government to account on climate change, but she admitted that Canadians are probably looking at “four more lost years”.“The [emissions reduction] target we have is 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020,” ... [click title to continue]

Canada on Secret Oil Offensive: Documents

Foreign ministry's tar sands team rebranding Alberta oil in Europe By  Martin Lukacs The Dominion May 25, 2011   Clayton Thomas-Mueller from the Indigenous Environmental Network during a protest against the Alberta tar sands in London, England, in 2009 – part of the "resurgence of highly critical public campaigns" that the foreign ministry's secret team is monitoring. Photo: Mike ... [click title to continue]

Canada a major exporter of virtual water, says new Council of Canadians report

Council of CanadiansMay 25, 2011Ottawa - The Council of Canadians is releasing a new report today called Leaky Exports: A portrait of the virtual water trade in Canada. This report highlights the daily loss of massive amounts of the country’s fresh water used to produce commodities, minerals and energy for export. Virtual, or embedded, water is the sum of water used in the production of ... [click title to continue]

Canada Falling Behind Global Trend To Green Energy

By Jim Harding Originally published in R-Town NewsMay 20, 2011Recent UN reports confirm that the shift to green energy (renewables, energy efficiency and bio-energy) is gaining ground globally. The United Nations Environmental Program's (UNEP's) report "Global Trends in Green Energy 2009" shows that for the second year in a row investments in green energy topped those in non-renewables - fossil fuels ... [click title to continue]

The Roads We Travelled

Building the Toronto People's Assembly The DominionMay 18, 2011Photo: Marie Zahradnik"Whether it's the Alberta tar sands or our role in Haiti, The Dominion has the guts to look at Canada without the fairytales about our national virtue that comfort and blind us... Only readers like you can keep this crucial voice alive and growing louder. Please, pitch in!" --Naomi Klein. TORONTO—Copenhagen, December ... [click title to continue]

Stopping Enbridge

Endbridge – Why The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Proposal And All Tar Sands Expansion From Alberta To The B.C. West Coast Will Be Stopped In Its Tracks By The Unity Of Indigenous Nations Published by dustinatsierraIt's Getting Hot in HereMay 16th, 2011If you have ever driven on most of the northern highways in northern Alberta you will be presented with a picture of a tame prairie terrain, ... [click title to continue]

The ongoing evil of asbestos exports

Murray Dobbin's Blog May 15, 2011   The ongoing fight to get this country to ban the export of the world’s deadliest industrial material has finally reached the Comedy Network and Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. The sheer absurdity of pretending that chrysotile asbestos can be used safely caught the eye of the popular show and they recently did a five minute segment, ridiculing ... [click title to continue]

Trading on Thin Air

New Feature Documentary Just Released Nationwide on Hulu and Rodgers Cable in Canada. Trading on Thin Air explains the methods used by the financial oligarchy in the past to extract the wealth of the nation and shows how the same strategy is being used today to subvert a movement for conservation and sustainability and harness it in order to create the next big bubble.From huge investments to influence ... [click title to continue]