People’s Assembly Fair in Toronto

The People’s Assembly Fair on August 27th, 2011 at Dufferin Grove Park By torontopeoplesassemblyJune 30, 2011 Since the G20, the Toronto People’s Assembly has formed three times as a space where the climate and social justice community converges. In our first Assembly, we identified several key components of how climate and environmental justice related to our city. For the second Assembly, we ... [click title to continue]

In BC, Pipes Spell Double Trouble

KSL gas pipeline is low profile, high threat By Dawn Paley The DominionJune 20, 2011VANCOUVER—The struggle against the proposed Enbridge pipeline, which has galvanized First Nations throughout northern BC and earned popular support from people across the country, has become one of the highest profile Indigenous and environmental issues in Canada. Concerns are mounting that in Enbridge's shadow, ... [click title to continue]

International Stop the Tar Sands Day: A guide to the disaster

By Michelle June 17, 2011Info on Tar Sands Day HERE. For many Canadians, the image of the oil sands as a boost to the economy, providing a bounty of jobs and ensuring a continuing supply of fossil fuel, overshadows anything they may hear about its environmental and human impacts.This image is perpetuated by the Alberta and Canadian governments and by most of the oil sands industry, who ... [click title to continue]

National Energy Board: Captured Regulator?

What happens when watchdog becomes lapdog? By Andrew NikiforukTheTyee.caJune 17, 2011 The Economist magazine once described "regulatory capture" as a simple case of a gamekeeper behaving like a poacher.Whenever industry captures the power of the state to foster private goals (and it's an occupation older than prostitution), regulators get captured and corruption surely follows.And that's now a big ... [click title to continue]

Canada must prepare now for climate change impacts

NUPGE NewsJune 15, 2011Climate change impacts across Canada are become more apparent all the time. Studies are emerging warning us of imminent threats to our safety and well-being. It has become clear that many regions across Canada need to be better prepared to deal with these impacts; from sea level rise on our coasts, floods in central Canada, and water shortages in the west.New Brunswick towns ... [click title to continue]

Northern Communities Discuss Nuclear Waste

By Mark MelnychukThe Meadow Lake ProgressSaskatchewan, Canada June 10, 2011 Jim Harding addresses the meeting in Beauval, Sask. Both the benefits and risks of storing nuclear waste were up for discussion at an open forum in Beauval.The Northern Forum for Truth on Nuclear Waste Storage was hosted by the Committee for Future Generations, and was held on June 2. More than 200 people attended the event.Mayors ... [click title to continue]

New report shows total oil sands emissions close to double widely used figures

Green Party of Canada8 June 2011 OTTAWA - A new comprehensive report by an independent researcher, Michelle Mech, is garnering attention as it shows that total production-related greenhouse gas emissions from the Alberta oil sands are close to double the National Inventory Report figure for 2008, which is often loosely misinterpreted as representing the total emissions from oil sands production. ... [click title to continue]

Ecology and Socialism: Introduction

Excerpt“The American way of life is non-negotiable.”—George H.W. Bush, Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, 1992“America is addicted to oil.”—George W. Bush, State of the Union Address, 2008“The world’s energy system is at a crossroads. Current global trends in energy supply and consumption are patently unsustainable— environmentally, economically, socially.” —International Energy Agency, ... [click title to continue]

Nova Scotia’s Tar Sands

“Shale gas is the fossil fuel industry’s latest suicide mission”By Hillary Bain LindsayThe DominionJune 2, 2011 Protesters gather outside the Nova Scotia legislature in Halifax HALIFAX—After years of learning about climate change and oil and gas development in other parts of the world, Michael Jensen was upset, but not surprised, to learn that natural gas exploration may be coming to his ... [click title to continue]