Climate change cost to Canada pegged at billions, new research shows

By Heather ScoffieldThe Canadian PressSeptember 29, 2011Read report HERE.Climate change will cost Canada and its people about $5 billion a year by 2020, a groundbreaking analysis for the federal government warns.Costs will continue to climb steeply, to between $21 billion and $43 billion a year by the 2050s — depending on how much action is taken on reducing global greenhouse-gas emissions and how ... [click title to continue]

‘It’s insane': Feds invest heavily in AECL even as they sell off reactor division

By Jason FeketePostmedia NewsSeptember 27, 2011 This is a July 8, 2009 handout photo from Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. The federal Conservative government tossed more than $183 million into Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. in the first three months of the fiscal year — nearly double the total annual budget — even as it was selling off the nuclear reactor division for just $15 million, plus royalties. Photograph ... [click title to continue]

The System Change Not Climate Change Project

Council of CanadiansSystem Change Not Climate Change is a multi-media tool for climate justice organized by the Council of Canadians’ Climate Justice for People and the Planet campaign. The popular slogan: “system change not climate change” has become central to a growing and vibrant global movement for climate justice. But what does “system change” mean? And what does it have to do with ... [click title to continue]

Demonstrators arrested at anti-oilsands rally on Parliament Hill

By Mike De Souza and Carmen ChaiPostmedia NewsSeptember 26, 2011 Hundreds protest against the tar sands on Parliament Hill in Ottawa September 26, 2011, with many climbing over a fence between them and police in a mass act of civil disobedience. Here, one of the organizers of the event, President of the Communications, Energy and Paper Workers Union, Dave Coles, is the first to climb the fence and ... [click title to continue]

Why I will be risking arrest tomorrow

By Hannah McKinnonRabble.caSeptember 25, 2011Tomorrow I am going to participate in an event that will likely result in my arrest. I will be joining hundreds of other Canadians in non-violent civil disobedience to protest the Harper Government’s inaction on climate change and demand that they stop the expansion of the Alberta tar sands. The reactions of family and friends have been interesting as ... [click title to continue]

Ecosocialism: Interview With Ian Angus

Radio Adelaide September 23, 2011  Is the Eco-Socialist revolution coming? Ian Angus is a veteran of the Socialist and Environmental movements in Canada.He is also the founder of, and co-author of the new book, “Too Many People? Population, Immigration and the Environmental Crisis”.This weekend he will be visiting Adelaide to host the public forum, “Political ... [click title to continue]

CD Howe Institute report shills for oil companies

Two kinds of oil royalties: lowering one won't necessarily increase the other. By Erin WeirStraightGoodsSeptember 14, 2011The CD Howe Institute is out this morning with a press release entitled, Raising Oil and Gas Royalties Does Not Benefit Provincial Coffers. A complete analysis of the accompanying 30-page paper — featuring many graphs, tables and regressions — will take time. But here is my ... [click title to continue]

Opposing “Fortress North America”: Tar Sands Development and Indigenous Resistance

By Dave VaseyNew SocialistSeptembr 12, 2011 During August 30-September 3 a Tar Sands Action took place at the White House in Washington, DC, with solidarity actions in a number of places across North America, and at Canadian and US embassies in a number of places around the world. The action was part of a campaign opposing construction of the proposed 1,702 mile Keystone XL pipeline that would ... [click title to continue]

A call to action: Non-violent civil disobedience against the tar sands

BY ELLY ADELANDRabble.caSeptember 14, 2011 A defining moment in Canadian history will take place in Ottawa this month.On Sept. 26, hundreds of individuals from across the country will participate in an act of peaceful civil disobedience. The objective is to send a clear message to the Harper regime, calling on the government to withdraw its unquestioning support of the tar sands industry and to provide ... [click title to continue]