A discussion on the term "ecosocialism"

Alliance Voices
December 2011

In the online newsletter of the Socialist Alliance in Australia, Adam Baker raised an issue of the concept and ideology of “ecosocialism”, a term the Alliance has been adopting. Ian Angus from Canada defended the use of “ecosocialism” as it has been developed in the Belem Ecosocialist Declaration. These two articles are linked below as a contribution to the ongoing discussion on ecosocialism. – NYC

Socialism or Ecosocialism?

By Adam Baker, Brisbane branch, Socialist Alliance

If one happens to look up the Socialist Alliance on Wikipedia, one will find several entries under the tag of ideology. According to Wikipedia, the ideology of the Socialist Alliance includes “socialism”, “anti-captialism”, “far left”, “ecosocialism” and “environmentalism”. I certainly have no objection to the the first three, and the last one. But ecosocialism? How did ecosocialism come to form a part of our ideology?
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Ian Angus on the term  “ecosocialism
Thank you for calling my attention to Adam Baker’s recent article in Alliance Voices. I’ve written the following notes to correct some of his misunderstandings. You have my permission to share them with Socialist Alliance members.
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‘Eco’socialism: it’s like ‘democratic’ socialism

By Zane Alcorn, Newcastle

There is an interesting thread in the Alliance Voices blog leading into the 2012 conference regarding ecosocialism.

Comrades Sam Bullock and Adam Baker have advanced an argument for the Socialist Alliance to amend some of our public documents or whatever to say that we are an ecosocialist organisation would amount to some sort of watering down or weakening of our politics.I don’t agree with Sam and Adam – and will proceed to outline why – but I think it is good that they have made their views on this question known.
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