The Quiet Revolution of Our Generation Must be Green and Red

Youth for Real Climate ActionApril 21, 2012 The creative, courageous and inspiring Quebec student movement will today weave its way through Montreal's Earth Day rally, mixing red and green, merging demands for a freeze on tuition with respect for the earth and those most impacted by climate change. Let the meeting not remain accidental, but deepen and flourish.Our country has always been divided by ... [click title to continue]

Victoria rises up against the tar sands, pipelines, tankers, capitalism and colonialism

By Joan.Russow Peace, Earth, Justice NewsApril 15, 2012 Hundreds attended the rally against pipelines and tankers. Victoria, April 15, 2012. Photo: Sandra Cuffe Over 2000 people rallied at the Legislature and then walked to Centennial Square where there were panels and workshops. It was clear that this event is a beginning and foreshadowing of the solidarity resistance to come. There were passionate ... [click title to continue]

David Suzuki grapples with Ottawa’s crackdown on green groups

By OLIVER MOORE and SHAWN McCARTHYGlobe and Mail Update April 12, 2012 Environmentalist distances himself from foundation that bears his name as Conservatives budget money to audit charities that engage in political advocacyThe head of one of Canada's most prominent environmental groups said the green movement is facing a "chill" in the wake of increasingly harsh scrutiny from Ottawa.Peter Robinson, ... [click title to continue]

BP operations in Tar Sands ‘could soon be illegal’, First Nations tell Shareholder Meeting

Indigenous Environmental NetworkApril 12, 2012Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) teams up with UK Tar Sands Network and Gulf Coast representatives to send clear message to BP shareholders that tar sands is a risky investment.The Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) has been campaigning for the last two years against BP’s entry into the Canadian Tar Sands. Clayton Thomas-Muller from IEN has ... [click title to continue]

Quebec green groups organize "Quiet Spring" protest

By Mike De SouzaPostmedia NewsApril 9, 2012 Quebec's attention has been arrested recently by the massive student protests against tuition hikes, but a group of artists and activists is planning an Earth Day protest to bring together Quebeckers opposed to the Harper government's environmental policies. Photograph by: Dario Ayala , The Gazette . Organizers of a "Quiet Spring" protest slated for ... [click title to continue]

April 22: No Pipelines! No Tankers! Call to Action

Indigenous Environmental Network On April 22, Mother Earth Day, there is a call to action for organizing rallies as a public display of growing opposition to three major pipeline projects in British Columbia. These pipelines include: Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal, the expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline, and the construction of Pacific Trails Pipeline by Apache, ... [click title to continue]