Lobbying for Canada’s “Ethical Oil”

By Yves EnglerDissident Voice September 25th, 2012While scientists are reporting a stunning reduction in Arctic sea ice Canada’s ambassador in the U.S. is stumping for heavy carbon emitting oil.Last Tuesday Ambassador Gary Doer spoke at Washington D.C.’s Johns Hopkins University in support of heavy polluting tar sands oil. According toSun News, Doer touted the job benefits of Calgary-based TransCanada’s ... [click title to continue]

New Book: Trade Unions and Canadian Democracy

Next Year Country Books is pleased to announce our first publication.- NYCAs Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party is posed to launch yet another attack on Saskatchewan workers and their unions through their "Labour Law Review",  Lorne Brown's Trade Unions and Canadian Democracy provides a timely historical perspective on the role labour has played in the fight for democratic rights.Submitted by ... [click title to continue]

Ecosocialism and Deglobalization

By Aurélien Bernier Le Journal des Alternatives September 3, 2012 This is a google translation of the original article"Wild industrialization that accumulates pollution, urbanization out of scale that dislocates communities, no longer meet the needs and aspirations of present time. The time has come to define a new growth. "[...]"I insist, in fact, for several years, and in various circumstances, ... [click title to continue]