Canada’s fossil fuel exports a threat to global climate: study

National Office, CCPA November 29, 2011   To get serious about climate change, Canada needs to not only cut its consumption of fossil fuels, but also stop peddling fossil fuels in export markets, says a study released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).According to the study, greenhouse gas emissions embodied in Canadian ... [click title to continue]

‘It’s insane': Feds invest heavily in AECL even as they sell off reactor division

By Jason FeketePostmedia NewsSeptember 27, 2011 This is a July 8, 2009 handout photo from Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. The federal Conservative government tossed more than $183 million into Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. in the first three months of the fiscal year — nearly double the total annual budget — even as it was selling off the nuclear reactor division for just $15 million, plus royalties. Photograph ... [click title to continue]

CD Howe Institute report shills for oil companies

Two kinds of oil royalties: lowering one won't necessarily increase the other. By Erin WeirStraightGoodsSeptember 14, 2011The CD Howe Institute is out this morning with a press release entitled, Raising Oil and Gas Royalties Does Not Benefit Provincial Coffers. A complete analysis of the accompanying 30-page paper — featuring many graphs, tables and regressions — will take time. But here is my ... [click title to continue]

Who’s Behind New Pro-Oil Sands Ad Blitz?

Billing itself as 'grassroots', EthicalOil has close ties to a top oil sands law firm. By Geoff Dembicki  8 September 2011 Late last August, began running a 30 second TV advertisement on the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada, chastising America's dependence on Saudi Arabian oil. "We bankrolled a state that doesn't allow women to drive, doesn't allow them to leave their ... [click title to continue]

Canada being sued for NAFTA violation by private American wind energy company

Local procurement rules in Ontario Green Energy Act threatened. July 21, 2011An Texan wind power firm is taking advantage of a NAFTA clause that lets companies sue the Canadian government if provinces do not comply with the agreement. Shawn McCarthy of the Globe and Mail explains why the Ontario Green Energy Act is being targeted, and what the Ontario Liberals are doing to defend it."Ontario's ... [click title to continue]

Cooking up a National Energy Strategy in Kananaskis

Will ministers let oil industry dictate the recipe? And thumb their nose at the world? By Matt Price July 16, 2011 Here's a puzzler for you:Why are both the oil industry and the Alberta Government, who usually use the word "Ottawa" as an insult, suddenly calling for a national energy strategy? The provincial and federal energy ministers gather today in Kananaskis, Alberta, and on ... [click title to continue]

National Energy Board: Captured Regulator?

What happens when watchdog becomes lapdog? By Andrew NikiforukTheTyee.caJune 17, 2011 The Economist magazine once described "regulatory capture" as a simple case of a gamekeeper behaving like a poacher.Whenever industry captures the power of the state to foster private goals (and it's an occupation older than prostitution), regulators get captured and corruption surely follows.And that's now a big ... [click title to continue]

Northern Communities Discuss Nuclear Waste

By Mark MelnychukThe Meadow Lake ProgressSaskatchewan, Canada June 10, 2011 Jim Harding addresses the meeting in Beauval, Sask. Both the benefits and risks of storing nuclear waste were up for discussion at an open forum in Beauval.The Northern Forum for Truth on Nuclear Waste Storage was hosted by the Committee for Future Generations, and was held on June 2. More than 200 people attended the event.Mayors ... [click title to continue]