Liberate Tate continues to protest oil funded arts

By Amanda McCuaig  Art Threat March 7, 2011   Liberate Tate will be one of the many artists featured in 6 Billion Ways, an event aimed at informing and mobilizing a wide range of people on local and global justice issues. The event takes place on Saturday, March 5 at Rich Mix in London.They will be joined by PLATFORM and Art Not Oil.“Across the world, ordinary people are paying the price ... [click title to continue]

End Fossil Fuel Tax Breaks

Climate Action Network CanadaGet the government to end tax breaks to dirty fuels!We are only weeks away from the 2011 federal budget and the federal government continues to give billions of dollars in tax breaks to the companies producing oil and gas in Canada. Analysis shows a total of $1.4 billion per year in federal subsidies, $840 million of which are special tax breaks, with a disproportionate ... [click title to continue]

Weyburn Carbon Storage Project Enters a Critical Phase

By Peter Montague A photo taken in 2005 shows a site in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, where carbondioxide is piped and buried underground. ??The Weyburn carbon storage project in Saskatchewan, Canada, has entered a critical phase as authorities scramble to respond to claims that toxic amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) have leaked out of the ground, contaminating soil and water, killing small ... [click title to continue]

Uranium: An NFB documentary

Intercontinental CryUranium is an award winning short film on the consequences of uranium mining in Canada. Narrated by Buffy Sainte-Marie, the 48-minute film explores how uranium mining can impact the environment, the health of those who are employed in the industry, and the quality of life of Indigenous peoples who live near the mines.Seldom do we hear the fact that almost every uranium mine in Canada ... [click title to continue]

Arctic oil: the battle begins

Inside Story -  2 September 2010 In every generation one issue comes to symbolise the wider battle to protect the natural world. This could be it, writes Michael Jacobs Greenpeace campaigners THE DRAMATIC occupation by Greenpeace campaigners of an oil rig in the freezing seas off the coast of Greenland this week marks the first skirmish in what may prove to be the defining ... [click title to continue]

Stopping the Flow: Quebec Climate Action Camp takes on the Enbridge Trailbreaker project

By Cameron FentonThe Dominion -                 Climate Campers march to the site of the Enbridge's proposed pumping station in Dunham, QC. Photo: Cedillo Lissner DUNHAM, QC—From August 7 to 23, the Quebec Climate Action Camp took root in Dunham, QC—an hour drive southeast of Montreal. The camp aimed to continue to build ... [click title to continue]

Oil, Gas, and Canada-Colombia Free Trade

By Dawn PaleyNACLACanada has been involved in oil and gas in Colombia since the 1920s, when the Canadian-based International Petroleum Corporation (IPC), then a subsidiary of Standard Oil of New Jersey, owned Tropical Oil and the Andian Pipeline Company. When ownership of these companies was due to revert back to the Colombian state in 1951(concessions at the time were for 30 years), IPC feared that ... [click title to continue]

British Columbia’s Fossil Fuel Superpower Ambitions

By Roger Annis MRzine The province of Alberta is well known as a climate-destroying behemoth. The tar sands developments in the north of that province are the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. Less well known are the ambitions of its neighbouring province, British Columbia. It shares similar fossil fuel reserves and ambitions as Alberta. Vast coal and natural gas reserves ... [click title to continue]

Feds Undercut BC’s Oil Spill Prevention Panel

Tories rewriting safety regs with no input from their own expert panel, says member.By Mitchell Anderson Many British Columbians watching the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico are wondering what safeguards are in place to ensure such a disaster does not happen here. What they don't know is that the federal government recently made sweeping changes to the primary advisory panel put in ... [click title to continue]