Nuclear Power in Canada

The Federal Conservative government's March budget  has a major section on “Green Jobs and Growth” but once again there is virtually nothing here that is positive or of any substance. Over 70% of the new money in this area is simply another $250 million plus to Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, which the government is planning to sell off, possibly to foreign interests. There are very small amounts ... [click title to continue]

Canada Urged to Ban Nuclear Weapons from Arctic

by in CanadaBan Nuclear Weapons from Arctic, Increase Security Cooperation: ReportArctic and nuclear weapon states need to work together to rid the Arctic region of nuclear weapons, finds a new report by security analysts Michael Wallace and Steven Staples.“Ridding the Arctic of Nuclear Weapons: A Task Long Overdue” was released today by the Rideau Institute and the Canadian ... [click title to continue]

The impact of uranium mining on indigenous communities.

by Heather Tufts Peace, Earth and Justice NewsThe climate change debate positions nuclear power as a partial solution to carbon emissions according to some scientists and politicians. Uranium mining speculation lacks comprehensive health and safety regulations while the ethics of Canadian exported uranium, which can lead to depleted uranium used in zones of war, needs greater scrutiny. Abandoned uranium ... [click title to continue]

Review: Energy Security and Climate Change

Energy Security and Climate Change: A Canadian Primer reviewed by Terisa E. Turner Canadian DimensionOctober 29th 2009The “Canadian primer” succeeds brilliantly in presenting historical and factual narratives of two ramifying realities of our time: climate chaos and the transition from carbon (oil, gas, coal) to solar energies. The authors challenge the obscenity of mainstream “help the polluters ... [click title to continue]