These are some of the people who make Ecosocialism Canada possible.


Dave Taylor (1956-2014), a long time labour activist and socialist in Saskatchewan, founded Ecosocialism Canada in 2009, and edited it until his death. He also founded and edited Next Year Country.


Ian Angus became editor of Ecosocialism Canada in February 2014. He also edits Climate & Capitalism. His books include Too Many People? Population, Immigration and the Environmental Crisis (Haymarket 2011) and The Global Fight for Climate Justice (Fernwood Publishing and Resistance Books, 2010)


Roger Annis is a member of the Vancouver Ecosocialist Group. He blogs on environmental and other issues at A Socialist in Canada, and is a regular contributor to the Vancouver Observer and

Judy Deutsch is a psychoanalyst who works with children and adults.  She works on many issues including climate change, Israeli apartheid, and science for peace.  She teaches a course Climate Justice at the University of Toronto and is a member of the Canadian Dimension editorial collective.

Cy Gonick is Publisher & Coordinating Editor of Canadian Dimension magazine.

Brad Hornick,  webmaster for the Vancouver Ecosocialist Group, is a communications specialist who has worked as a consultant for many NGOs and activist organizations. He is a PhD student studying climate science and the radicalization of social movements.

Andrea Levy is a coordinating editor of Canadian Dimension and author of that magazine’s EcoSide column; she is active with les  Nouveaux cahiers du socialisme and CRITIC (Collectif de recherche inter et transdisciplinaire sur les impasses de la croissance). As a left biocentrist, Andrea has comradely disagreements with ecosocialism and is delighted to engage in constructive dialogue.

Derrick O’Keefe, a Canadian Vancouver-based writer and social justice activist, is co-chair of the Canadian Peace Alliance, the largest network of anti-war groups in Canada.  He co-authored the autobiography of Afghan women’s rights activist and politician Malalai Joya: A Woman Among Warlords.

Roger Rashi is a founding member of Québec solidaire and of Réseau écosocialiste (Québec’s Ecosocialist Network). He is a member of the editorial board of Canadian Dimension and Nouveaux cahiers du socialisme.

Benoit Renaud, who blogs at Le bloguer solidaire, is a founding member and former General Secretary of Québec solidaire  and of Réseau écosocialiste. He also writes for  À Bâbord!, Presse-toi-à-gauche, and Socialist Worker (Canada).

Sid Shniad is an economist who worked nearly 30 years for the TelecommunicEditations Workers Union. He is currently active in Independent Jewish Voices Canada.

Hamid Sodeifi is a Toronto-based ecosocialist and an editorial associate of New Socialist.

Bob Thomson writes for Degrowth Canada, and helped organize the May 2012 degrowth conference in Montreal. Based in Ottawa, he has a particular interest in bringing together the Andean indigenous concept of “buen vivir” with western critiques of our unsustainable societal and industrial metabolism.

Suzanne Weiss is an ecosocialist and anti-tar sands activist in a community organization, Toronto East End Against Line 9.

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