Submission Guidelines

Correspondence regarding articles for Ecosocialism Canada should be sent to the Editor at ecosocialism[at]gmail[dot[com]

Ecosocialism Canada publishes articles on Canadian environmental issues. Our editorial viewpoint is anti-capitalist and ecosocialist, our goal is environmental and social justice. We welcome articles that help to advance those goals.

That doesn’t mean that every article must be a socialist tract. On the contrary, our first concern is to simply get out the facts about the environmental crisis and the movements that are fighting back.

A clearly written and accurate account of capitalist destruction and/or popular resistance will have a much better chance of being published than an academic essay or a rant.

If your article has been published elsewhere on the web, send us a link, not the actual article. If the original publisher holds the copyright, please confirm that we have permission to repost, before submitting.

Original articles should be no longer than 2,000 words, ideally under 1200, and written in MS-Word. Include a separate list of sources, with working URLs. Links to appropriate graphics are always welcome.

It’s usually a good idea to let us know your topic and general approach before you begin work on an article specifically for Ecosocialism Canada. This will help avoid your writing an article that duplicates someone else’s work, or that otherwise doesn’t meet our requirements.

We wish we could respond in detail to every submission, but our limited resources make that impossible. If we don’t plan to publish your article, we will let you know as soon as possible, but we cannot provide detailed responses.

On the other hand, when we do accept an article, we frequently suggest or request changes – these can range from small stylistic revisions to substantial reworking. We won’t make changes without your permission, but we do expect reasonable accommodation!

If we don’t publish your submission, it isn’t necessarily because we don’t like it. Many otherwise excellent submissions won’t make it to the site simply because (a) they don’t fit our current needs; or (b) they cover subjects we have recently dealt with; or (c) we have more submissions on hand than we can deal with in the time we have available.

Two final points:

  1. Ecosocialism Canada is a non-profit, non-revenue project, which means we cannot pay for articles.
  2. We never accept paid advertising of any kind. That includes paid links and sponsored articles.

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