Canada reveals climate stance with praise for Australian carbon tax repeal

In a formal statement, the Canadian government said it "applauds" the move by Australia this week to repeal a carbon tax on the country's 300 biggest polluters. This is the first time Canada has actively sought to discourage other industrialised countries from following through on their own climate change commitments. ... [click title to continue]

Stop the Expansion

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made it a priority to expedite the expansion of the tar sands, including the rapid approval of more mines and pipelines. When the Prime Minister found a few obstacles in his way, such as public opposition and regulatory processes designed to protect the environment, he tried to overcome them by attacking nature and democracy. ... [click title to continue]

Study Finds Tar Sands Has Higher CO2 Emissions Than Thought, Calls Land Restoration Pledge ‘Greenwashing’

By Joe RommClimate ProgressMar 13, 2012 A new study finds the tar sands have yet higher CO2 emissions than expected because of the threat they post to forests and peatlands.That is no bombshell: Climate Progress has previously pointed out that tar sands development threatens the carbon-rich boreal forests. Now it has been quantified.A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences ... [click title to continue]

Proposed coal plant avoids crucial emissions regs

Maxim Power Corp. receives final approval for a new coal fired plant and effectively a 45-year free pass to pollute. NUPGE NewsOttawa (12 August 2011) – More than 40 diverse civil society organizations from across Canada have signed a letter calling on federal Environment Minister Peter Kent to protect the integrity of Canada’s forthcoming coal regulations by ensuring that this proposed new ... [click title to continue]

New report shows total oil sands emissions close to double widely used figures

Green Party of Canada8 June 2011 OTTAWA - A new comprehensive report by an independent researcher, Michelle Mech, is garnering attention as it shows that total production-related greenhouse gas emissions from the Alberta oil sands are close to double the National Inventory Report figure for 2008, which is often loosely misinterpreted as representing the total emissions from oil sands production. ... [click title to continue]

The geography of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions

PJ Partington — May 13, 2010Pembina InstituteIt's no secret that Canada's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are much higher today than they were in 1990. By 2008, the latest year with data available, Canada's emissions were 24 per cent higher than in 1990. We're often told the fault lies with our growing economy and growing population. We do, after all, have a strong economy and one of the highest rates ... [click title to continue]