‘It’s insane': Feds invest heavily in AECL even as they sell off reactor division

By Jason FeketePostmedia NewsSeptember 27, 2011 This is a July 8, 2009 handout photo from Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. The federal Conservative government tossed more than $183 million into Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. in the first three months of the fiscal year — nearly double the total annual budget — even as it was selling off the nuclear reactor division for just $15 million, plus royalties. Photograph ... [click title to continue]

Northern Communities Discuss Nuclear Waste

By Mark MelnychukThe Meadow Lake ProgressSaskatchewan, Canada June 10, 2011 Jim Harding addresses the meeting in Beauval, Sask. Both the benefits and risks of storing nuclear waste were up for discussion at an open forum in Beauval.The Northern Forum for Truth on Nuclear Waste Storage was hosted by the Committee for Future Generations, and was held on June 2. More than 200 people attended the event.Mayors ... [click title to continue]

Canadians can’t afford Candu complacency

Japan or Canada, a nuke is a nuke. By Paul McKayStraightGoodsTuesday, March 15 2011Nuclear power operators sometimes joke that they function in a world that is 95 percent boredom and 5 percent terror.The brave crews remaining at the stricken Fukushima power complex in Japan are now staring down terror 100 percent of the time, as they scramble to keep four nuclear furnaces cooled and prevent highly ... [click title to continue]

Nuclear safety worries spread to Europe

Disaster puts pressure on governments, with protests in Germany and concern over new plant plans in Italy and the UK Tracy McVeighguardian.co.ukSaturday 12 March 2011 Angela Merkel is among several European politicians under pressure over their energy policy after the Japan earthquake. Tens of thousands of people have taken part in an anti-nuclear demonstration in southern Germany. The demonstration ... [click title to continue]

Uranium: An NFB documentary

Intercontinental CryUranium is an award winning short film on the consequences of uranium mining in Canada. Narrated by Buffy Sainte-Marie, the 48-minute film explores how uranium mining can impact the environment, the health of those who are employed in the industry, and the quality of life of Indigenous peoples who live near the mines.Seldom do we hear the fact that almost every uranium mine in Canada ... [click title to continue]

Nuclear Power in Canada

The Federal Conservative government's March budget  has a major section on “Green Jobs and Growth” but once again there is virtually nothing here that is positive or of any substance. Over 70% of the new money in this area is simply another $250 million plus to Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, which the government is planning to sell off, possibly to foreign interests. There are very small amounts ... [click title to continue]

Canada Urged to Ban Nuclear Weapons from Arctic

by ArcticSecurity.org in CanadaBan Nuclear Weapons from Arctic, Increase Security Cooperation: ReportArctic and nuclear weapon states need to work together to rid the Arctic region of nuclear weapons, finds a new report by security analysts Michael Wallace and Steven Staples.“Ridding the Arctic of Nuclear Weapons: A Task Long Overdue” was released today by the Rideau Institute and the Canadian ... [click title to continue]

The impact of uranium mining on indigenous communities.

by Heather Tufts Peace, Earth and Justice NewsThe climate change debate positions nuclear power as a partial solution to carbon emissions according to some scientists and politicians. Uranium mining speculation lacks comprehensive health and safety regulations while the ethics of Canadian exported uranium, which can lead to depleted uranium used in zones of war, needs greater scrutiny. Abandoned uranium ... [click title to continue]