Stephen Harper government turns environmentalists into public enemies

By Linda McQuaigTheStar.comJune 4, 2012 Nicole Eaton Nicole Eaton may be Canada’s Mitt Romney.The Republican presidential candidate comes across as a wealthy patrician with little sense of how tough the world can be for people who don’t have tens of millions of dollars at their disposal.That tendency also seems to afflict Eaton, a wealthy Conservative fundraiser appointed to the Senate by Stephen ... [click title to continue]

David Suzuki grapples with Ottawa’s crackdown on green groups

By OLIVER MOORE and SHAWN McCARTHYGlobe and Mail Update April 12, 2012 Environmentalist distances himself from foundation that bears his name as Conservatives budget money to audit charities that engage in political advocacyThe head of one of Canada's most prominent environmental groups said the green movement is facing a "chill" in the wake of increasingly harsh scrutiny from Ottawa.Peter Robinson, ... [click title to continue]

Gloves are off in war on greens

BY SUSAN RILEYThe Ottawa CitizenMarch 15, 2012You don’t want to give too much credence to the unhinged accusations of crotchety Conservative senators, but their recent attacks on environmentalists suggest a bold escalation in the government’s anti-green messaging.At a recent meeting of a Senate committee examining foreign contributions to Canadian charities, Conservative Senator Percy Mockler described ... [click title to continue]

Environment Minister Kent ‘won’t get far’ in the U.S. if he accuses groups against oil sands expansion of being slanderers, say environmentalists

'He seems more interested in smearing Americans as slanderers than addressing the concerns that we have with the environmental impacts of tar sands oil,' says Friends of the Earth.By Tim NaumetzThe Hill TimesJan 12, 2011 PARLIAMENT HILL – U.S. environmental groups Environment Minister Peter Kent accused of slander and “outright lies” about petroleum extraction from Alberta’s oil sands are reacting ... [click title to continue]

McQuaig: Smear tactics tar protesters

Linda McQuaigTheStar.comJune 01, 2010Given the abysmal state of things — with no progress on climate change, financial markets still operating as unregulated casinos and oil continuing to surge freely into the gulf — it's not surprising that many people feel the world is being poorly managed. Millions respond by drifting into apathy or hedonistic consumerism.But there are others who are so passionate ... [click title to continue]