Dirty Oil, Dirty Money: Who is Funding the Tar Sands Resistance?

By Sandra Cuffe Vancouver Media Co-op"We have ENGOs that are coming in and making decisions on our behalf," said hereditary chief Toghestiy from the Wet'suwet'en First Nation during the opening panel of the fourth annual Everyone's Downstream (EDS) conference in Edmonton, Alberta."Where do these decision-making powers come from?" he asked, echoing similar questions from conference participants at yesterday's ... [click title to continue]

People’s Assemblies on Climate Justice to take place across Canada

Council of Canadians Ottawa - Over a dozen communities across Canada are holding People’s Assemblies on Climate Justice during the UN climate negotiations starting today in Cancun, Mexico. “People’s Assemblies on Climate Justice emerged during the failing Copenhagen negotiations as a vehicle for people to come together and talk about real and false solutions to the climate crisis,” says Andrea ... [click title to continue]

Margaret Atwood’s wisdom would be welcome at Cancún

As heads of state gather in Mexico to discuss global warming, they would do well to dwell on the wise words of Margaret AtwoodThe ObserverSunday 28 November 2010 World leaders preparing to gather in Mexico for a climate summit anticipate deadlock. Eco-activists are braced for outrage. Concerned onlookers teeter on despair. All could do worse than ponder the inspiration offered by the Canadian poet ... [click title to continue]

CUPE prepares for climate change conference in Cancun

Canadian Union of Public EmployeesCUPE delegates will be attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference which will be held in Cancun, Mexico, from 29 November to 10 December 2010. In preparation for the conference, CUPE has prepared a fact sheet outlining our proposals and demands, and why it is important for CUPE to be present.CUPE's main proposals and demands in CancunCUPE, as a partner and ... [click title to continue]