Meetings across Ontario condemn Energy East pipeline plan

Andrea Harden-Donahue of the Council of Canadians reports on the “Our Risk, Their Reward” campaign of protest meetings against the Energy East pipeline plan. Maude Barlow and others addressed capacity crowds in Kenora, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Ottawa, Kemptville and Cornwall ….

Energy East Our RiskThe ‘Our Risk – Their Reward’ Energy East tour of six Ontario communities has just one more stop next Monday in Cornwall.  What a whirlwind it has been!

Spending two days in each community, we held a series of public forums, meetings, site visits and actions. This was done in collaboration with local organizers and groups – who we’ve learned so much from throughout this process – and looked a little different for each stop.

We’ve had excellent turnouts at all events (speaking both to the hard work of organizers involved and public concern), reaching over 1200 people. Significant local media coverage and the over 1000 Our Risk – Their Reward window signs distributed ensures the message is getting even further.

Throughout the tour, we’ve had very meaningful discussions with local residents, impacted landowners and First Nation representatives as well as elected officials including Mayors, City Councillors and federally elected representatives and candidates. We’ve help collect contacts for local organizers, added names to our petition against Energy East, mobilized people to participate in the Ontario Energy Board consultations and are in the process of discussing next steps with local organizers.

Here are some highlights from the tour so far …

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