Announcement: Ecosocialism Canada is now on Facebook only

When I took over as editor/publisher of Ecosocialism Canada, I hoped it could become a Canada-focused equivalent of Climate & Capitalism, which I also edit. To be frank, I underestimated the time this would require, and overestimated my ability to maintain two major ecosocialist websites. As a result, the EC site has been far less active than I hoped and you expected.

In contrast, our Facebook Group has a growing number of ecosocialists regularly posting articles and news on environmental issues in this country. And the Group has significantly more regular readers than this web page.

In this situation it makes little sense to try to maintain two web operations, so from now on, articles that would have appeared on this site will be posted only in the  Ecosocialism Canada Facebook  Group.

Please join us there – and help to make it a central resource for news, reports, and discussions on Canadian environmental issues from an ecosocialist perspective.


PS: This site will remain online, with all past articles intact, for the indefinite future. And maybe (no promises) it will return to life one day.

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