Margaret Atwood’s wisdom would be welcome at Cancún

As heads of state gather in Mexico to discuss global warming, they would do well to dwell on the wise words of Margaret AtwoodThe ObserverSunday 28 November 2010 World leaders preparing to gather in Mexico for a climate summit anticipate deadlock. Eco-activists are braced for outrage. Concerned onlookers teeter on despair. All could do worse than ponder the inspiration offered by the Canadian poet ... [click title to continue]

CUPE prepares for climate change conference in Cancun

Canadian Union of Public EmployeesCUPE delegates will be attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference which will be held in Cancun, Mexico, from 29 November to 10 December 2010. In preparation for the conference, CUPE has prepared a fact sheet outlining our proposals and demands, and why it is important for CUPE to be present.CUPE's main proposals and demands in CancunCUPE, as a partner and ... [click title to continue]

Canada’s Greens Call for Massive Public Mobilization in lead-up to UN Climate Summit in Mexico

Green Party of CanadaOTTAWA -- Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May called today for a re-politicization of the climate movement and for a major public mobilization during the one month lead-up to the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change 16th Conference of the Parties. The meeting will be held in Cancun, Mexico, on November 29, 2010.“In the wake of the Copenhagen Summit disaster a ... [click title to continue]

Canada and US Hit by Huge ‘Weather Bomb’

By Brad JohnsonCross-posted from The Wonk RoomOctober 27, 2010 Visible satellite image of the October 26, 2010 superstorm taken at 5:32pm EDT. At the time, Bigfork, Minnesota was reporting the lowest pressure ever recorded in a U.S. non-coastal storm, 955 mb. Image credit: NASA/GSFC. Fueled by fossil fuel pollution, an unprecedented, freak “land hurricane” swept through the continental United ... [click title to continue]

Protesters Close Down A Shell Gas Station – London, Canada

Cam and Edition by Mike RoyThe rallies were organized by Climate Justice London, Ontario and The Latin American-Canadian Solidarity Association (LACASA).The event was part of the October 12th global day of action for climate justice, indigenous rights, and Latin American solidarity.The speaker in the video was telling us about County Mayo, in Ireland.Shell Canada is headquartered in Calgary. ... [click title to continue]

Saskatoon ecosocialists organize

Ecosocialists in Saskatoon have organized and set up a website. Visit for more information. The Saskatoon Parklands Eco-left Collective, SPEC. We are a non-partisan political collective seeking to bring together the wisdom of the left and the wisdom of the earth, seeking to envision and build an ecological socialist future, and organizing primarily in the Saskatoon and ... [click title to continue]

Canadian Aboriginal Concerns With Oil Sands

A compilation of key issues, resolutions and legal activitiesBy Danielle Droitsch , Terra Simieritsch Pembina Institute Sep 19, 2010 Aboriginal communities have been raising concerns about the impacts of oil sands development on their communities and their legal rights for a number of years. Increasingly, these concerns are manifesting themselves as formal resolutions and legal challenges. This briefing ... [click title to continue]

Uranium: An NFB documentary

Intercontinental CryUranium is an award winning short film on the consequences of uranium mining in Canada. Narrated by Buffy Sainte-Marie, the 48-minute film explores how uranium mining can impact the environment, the health of those who are employed in the industry, and the quality of life of Indigenous peoples who live near the mines.Seldom do we hear the fact that almost every uranium mine in Canada ... [click title to continue]