Protesters descend on Montreal’s World Energy Congress

QMI Agency MONTREAL — Activists covered themselves in oil and rallied outside the Montreal Convention Centre as government officials met at the World Energy Congress Sunday. About 60 Greenpeace activists staged a Black Tide Beach Party, and 12 people donned oil-covered bathing suits, to protest the use of oil and to advocate for renewable energy options.As well, hundreds of people gathered outside ... [click title to continue]

Tarnished Earth: the destruction of Canada’s boreal forest

The GuardianTarnished Earth is a dramatic street gallery of photographs telling the story of the destruction of Canada's boreal forest - a continuous belt of coniferous trees separating the tundra to the north and temperate rainforest and deciduous woodlands to the south. The exhibition, which is being staged by The Co-operative, in conjunction with WWF-UK and Greenpeace, and will later tour cities ... [click title to continue]

Arctic oil: the battle begins

Inside Story -  2 September 2010 In every generation one issue comes to symbolise the wider battle to protect the natural world. This could be it, writes Michael Jacobs Greenpeace campaigners THE DRAMATIC occupation by Greenpeace campaigners of an oil rig in the freezing seas off the coast of Greenland this week marks the first skirmish in what may prove to be the defining ... [click title to continue]

Stopping the Flow: Quebec Climate Action Camp takes on the Enbridge Trailbreaker project

By Cameron FentonThe Dominion -                 Climate Campers march to the site of the Enbridge's proposed pumping station in Dunham, QC. Photo: Cedillo Lissner DUNHAM, QC—From August 7 to 23, the Quebec Climate Action Camp took root in Dunham, QC—an hour drive southeast of Montreal. The camp aimed to continue to build ... [click title to continue]

Oil Sands Pollute with Fish-Killing Toxins, New Study Shows

Detection of high heavy metals levels in Athabasca River contradicts government claims. By Andrew Oil sands processing on Alberta's Athabasca River Despite repeated government claims that the world's largest energy project doesn't contaminate the Athabasca River, a new scientific study released today shows that air pollution from the oil sands industry combined with extensive ... [click title to continue]

Canada Opens Arctic To NATO, Plans Massive Weapons Buildup

By Rick RozoffGlobal Research, August 29, 2010 Stop NATO The government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently concluded the largest of a series of so-called Canadian sovereignty exercises in the Arctic, Operation Nanook, which ran from August 6-26. Harper, Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay and Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces General Walter Natynczyk visited the nation's ... [click title to continue]

Canadian Dimension Focuses on Ecosocialism

Canadian DimensionThe division within the environmental movement between market ecologism and ecosocialism has become increasingly clear with the failure of Copenhagen and the promise of Cochabamba. This issue of CD focuses on the rising tide of ecosocialism. We feature an exclusive interview with ecosocialist founder Joel Kovel; the CD panel at the Peoples’ Summit on building the ecosocialist movement; ... [click title to continue]

Canada Insists Oil-Rich Tar Sands Are Sustainable

By Leon KayeTriple Pundit Some of Canada’s most stunning natural beauty is in the prosperous province of Alberta. Walk through downtown Calgary and you get the vibe that it is the true economic center of Canada. Banff and Jasper National Parks boast incredible scenery and awe-inspiring wildlife. About 275 miles and a nine-hour drive away, the landscape changes, and displays the driver behind Alberta’s ... [click title to continue]

‘Constant Denial': Liberal Report on Tar Sands Is Scathing

Grits' dissenting report on two-year parliamentary study calls for sweeping reforms. By Andrew Nikiforuk, A dissenting Liberal report on the highly contentious findings of a two-year long parliamentary study on the impact of the tar sands on Canada's freshwater supplies has accused both industry and government of being in a state of denial about "the potential negative consequences the ... [click title to continue]