Raging Grannies do Climate Change, in song!

by Cathy Fitzgerald An art and ecology notebook Please, pour yourself a cup of tea and join us . . . We are out in the streets promoting peace, justice, social and economic equality through song and humour.Just a little something for International Women’s day later this week (8 March), a bit of music from the Canada-led 15 year plus phenomenon, the now International Raging Grannies and one of their ... [click title to continue]

USW Canada Key Partner in $1M Climate Change Study

Our union is proud to take a leadership role in addressing the serious workplace and environmental issues of the future.The United Steelworkers is a key participant in a six-year study of the challenges posed by climate change to Canadian workplaces and possible solutions to these issues.The research project is led by Carla Lipsig-Mummé, professor of work and labour studies in York University's Faculty ... [click title to continue]

The impact of uranium mining on indigenous communities.

by Heather Tufts Peace, Earth and Justice NewsThe climate change debate positions nuclear power as a partial solution to carbon emissions according to some scientists and politicians. Uranium mining speculation lacks comprehensive health and safety regulations while the ethics of Canadian exported uranium, which can lead to depleted uranium used in zones of war, needs greater scrutiny. Abandoned uranium ... [click title to continue]

Climate Cover-up book still on top

“Canadian environmental activists Hoggan and Littlemore pull no punches in this spirited indictment of global warming deniers.” --Publishers WeeklyClimate Cover-Up:  The Crusade to Deny Global WarmingBy James Hoggan, Contributions by Richard Littlemore Canadian #1 Bestseller in Public PolicyAn insider’s view of how the energy industry has fuelled a bogus controversy about climate change. This ... [click title to continue]

Two US Firms Wash Hands of Canada’s Tar Sands

By Mitch PotterToronto StarCanada’s controversial tar sands industry took its first retail blow Wednesday as two Fortune 500 companies announced plans to eliminate the high-carbon Alberta fuel from its supply chain.The U.S.-based firms Whole Foods Market Inc. and Bed, Bath and Beyond Inc. both unveiled new fuel policies designed to wean themselves off “higher-than-normal greenhouse gas footprints” ... [click title to continue]

Backgrounder: Harper government’s January 2010 greenhouse gas target

- Greenpeace CanadaOn January 30, 2010, federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice announced new targets for Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions for 2020. The government says it made this announcement to fulfill a condition of the non-binding Copenhagen Accord that came out of the unsuccessful United Nations climate conference in December 2009 in Copenhagen. •The Harper government’s new target for ... [click title to continue]

Greens Decry Harper Government Moving to Even Weaker GHG

 - Green Party of Canada - Parti vert du Canada Harper has done it again. Hiding behind the US weak greenhouse gas targets, Canada has now watered down our commitment again, setting a new base year of 2005 for greenhouse gas reductions. "After sabotaging progress in Copenhagen, the Harper government has now moved to an even weaker target," said Green Leader Elizabeth May. In 2006, when the Harper ... [click title to continue]

‘People’s submission’ hits Canada on climate change

A network of leading non-governmental organizations has made a People’s Submission to the United Nations (UN) on behalf of over 150,000 Canadians who have signed the KyotoPlus petition against Canada’s poor record on climate change. The submission was made this week with the approach of the Jan. 31 deadline for countries to indicate what actions they are committed to taking under the Copenhagen ... [click title to continue]

Canada’s Long Road to Mining Reform

Written by Cyril Mychalejko Toward Freedom Rape. Murder. Corruption. Environmental contamination. Impunity. These are just some of the charges and incidents that have plagued Canadian mining operations abroad for years. Now one Canadian lawmaker has taken on the Herculean challenge of legislating mining reform in a country that has traditionally acted like a parent in denial. "The mining industry ... [click title to continue]