Building an ecosocialist movement in Canada

By Doug Taylor The political postions held by those advocating ecosocialism in Canada are many and varied, as they are elsewhere. They include green social democrats, left-wing environmentalists and many hues of Marxists, socialists and anarchists. So how do we proceed to build a movement for ecosocialism and what might be the first steps in the process? Among a small group subscribing ... [click title to continue]

Review: Energy Security and Climate Change

Energy Security and Climate Change: A Canadian Primer reviewed by Terisa E. Turner Canadian DimensionOctober 29th 2009The “Canadian primer” succeeds brilliantly in presenting historical and factual narratives of two ramifying realities of our time: climate chaos and the transition from carbon (oil, gas, coal) to solar energies. The authors challenge the obscenity of mainstream “help the polluters ... [click title to continue]

Greenpeace occupies Parliament roofs to shout “Climate inaction costs lives”

On the opening day of pivotal climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, 19 Greenpeace activists have occupied roofs on the Parliament Buildings to highlight the failure of Prime Minister Harper and Opposition Leader Ignatieff to help end the growing loss of human lives from the ever-worsening climate crisis. The Greenpeace action targets Harper and Ignatieff for their failure to support legally ... [click title to continue]

Cree aboriginal group to join London climate camp protest over tar sands

Canadian First Nations seek to highlight UK's 'criminal' role in CO2-heavy oil schemes by Terry Macalister Photograph: Orjan F. Ellingvag/Dagens Naringsliv/CorbisMembers of the Cree aboriginal peoples are to join the Climate Camp protests in the City of London this week in an attempt to draw attention to corporate Britain's "criminal" involvement in the tar sands of Canada.Guardian ... [click title to continue]

Québec: For Ecosocialist Independence

By Marc Bonhomme.To avert an ecological crisis, the United Nations says, a country like Canada must, by 2020, reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from their 1990 level, and by 90%by 2050. Quebec’s emissions in 2007 (the latest statistics) were 5% above the 1990 level, and Canada’s 20%.? A turnabout like this must go far beyond changes in individuals’ behaviour, which in any case are quite ... [click title to continue]