Canada owns the podium for inaction at Bonn climate talks

TckTckTckWith international climate treaty negotiations underway again in Bonn, Germany this week, a fossil-of-the-day award has been handed to Canada by the International Climate Action Network (CAN) - a worldwide network of over 450 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).The fossil-of-the-day is given out each day of negotiations as a means of calling out the countries who have been particular bad ... [click title to continue]

McQuaig: Smear tactics tar protesters

Linda McQuaigTheStar.comJune 01, 2010Given the abysmal state of things — with no progress on climate change, financial markets still operating as unregulated casinos and oil continuing to surge freely into the gulf — it's not surprising that many people feel the world is being poorly managed. Millions respond by drifting into apathy or hedonistic consumerism.But there are others who are so passionate ... [click title to continue]

Canadian Delegation promoting the conclusions of Conference on Climate Change at the UN

UN Secretary General to Meet with Maude Barlow todayOTTAWA, Ontario – May 7 – Today, Council of Canadians National Chairperson Maude Barlow is part of an international social movement delegation having an historic meeting with the Secretary General of the United Nations to discuss climate justice and the rights of Mother Earth. The government of Bolivia organized the meeting of 12 delegates from ... [click title to continue]

May Day in Regina: Activists and socialists discuss rebuilding the left

As a follow up to the successful January 30th meeting in Regina, the Committee for Rebuilding the Left is sponsoring an educational and discussion meeting in celebration of May Day.Speakers are Greg Albo from the Socialist Project, Eriel Deranger, a tar sands and aboriginal activist, and Peter Garden, the administrator for the Actupinsask Independent Media website and owner of the Turning the Tide ... [click title to continue]

Council of Canadians taking action in Cochabamba

Council of Canadians team prepares for Cochabamba Photo: (L-R) - Anil Naidoo (Blue Planet Project Organizer), Maude Barlow (National Chairperson), Andrea Harden-Donahue (Energy Campaigner), and Brent Patterson (Director of Campaigns and Communications) will be on the ground in Cochabamba from Aptil 19-22, 2010. The climate justice movement grew dramatically in strength during the Copenhagen climate ... [click title to continue]

Canada Fossil Fools Day 2010

FOSSIL FOOL NOMINEES People for Climate Justice, a national coalition of concerned residents in Canada wish to announce the Fossil Fools of the Year, but who is it going to be? Please vote!People for Climate Justice has nominated several tar sands supporters, all worthy of the dubious prize. It will be a tough choice. Who really and truly is the most foolish to be tangled up in the dirty fossil fuel ... [click title to continue]

The 2010 People’s Summit: Building a Movement for a Just World

Basic Principles of the People's Summit The 2010 G8/G20 Summit, set to take place in Toronto, Ontario (June 25-27, 2010) presents Canadian civil society organizations and groups with an opportunity to strengthen our collective voice and lend cohesion to our efforts on the environment, poverty, human rights and social justice.The actions and policies of the G8 and its member-states have significant ... [click title to continue]

Climate Change a Crisis of Conscience for All Canadians

- United Church of CanadaMardi Tindal, the Moderator of Canada’s largest Protestant denomination, The United Church of Canada, today issued an open letter to Canadians calling on them to consider climate change a crisis of conscience.In the letter Tindal urges Canadians “to choose hope and action over despair and paralysis” in addressing what she calls “one of the most urgent moral challenges ... [click title to continue]

Copenhagen and Canada

Scoring Zero for Zero EmissionsCanadian Dimension Editorial CollectiveJanuary 7th, 2010A climate emergency threatens mass extinctions this century. Species are already disappearing at one thousand times the normal rate. Ample evidence points to the need for zero emissions plus more and further negative reductions of atmospheric carbon as soon as possible. Yet most “leaders” parade their gossamer ... [click title to continue]