Canada reveals climate stance with praise for Australian carbon tax repeal

In a formal statement, the Canadian government said it "applauds" the move by Australia this week to repeal a carbon tax on the country's 300 biggest polluters. This is the first time Canada has actively sought to discourage other industrialised countries from following through on their own climate change commitments. ... [click title to continue]

Stop the Expansion

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made it a priority to expedite the expansion of the tar sands, including the rapid approval of more mines and pipelines. When the Prime Minister found a few obstacles in his way, such as public opposition and regulatory processes designed to protect the environment, he tried to overcome them by attacking nature and democracy. ... [click title to continue]

Why Canada’s scientists need our support

Protests by scientists in Canada may seem like a national issue, but their funding cuts could have a global impact By Alice Bell,11 July 2012  The scientists of Canada are revolting. They marched through Ottawa in their thousands on Tuesday, a sea of white coats making its way up Parliament Hill, carrying tombstones and a coffin to symbolise the "death of evidence", chanting "What ... [click title to continue]

Bill C-38: Implementing Environmental Neglect?

By Joe GunnCitizens for Public Justice June 4th, 2012 Bill C-38 is supposed to implement provisions made in the March 29th federal budget. But as CPJ wrote last week, this omnibus Bill includes much more.Over one-third of this legislation deals with environmental issues, much of which was not mentioned in the Budget Speech itself. Here, there are enormous implications for Canadians and the environment.For ... [click title to continue]

Stephen Harper government turns environmentalists into public enemies

By Linda McQuaigTheStar.comJune 4, 2012 Nicole Eaton Nicole Eaton may be Canada’s Mitt Romney.The Republican presidential candidate comes across as a wealthy patrician with little sense of how tough the world can be for people who don’t have tens of millions of dollars at their disposal.That tendency also seems to afflict Eaton, a wealthy Conservative fundraiser appointed to the Senate by Stephen ... [click title to continue]

RIO+20: Canada, Last Holdout, Drops Opposition to Water as Human Right

By Thaliff DeenIPSJune 1, 2012 Some 3.4 million people die each year from water, sanitation and hygiene-related causes. Credit: Eva Bartlett/IPS Canada, in a dramatic political turnaround, has signaled its willingness to recognise water and sanitation as a basic human right.As negotiations continue over the Rio+20 plan of action on sustainable development to be adopted in Brazil next month, Canada ... [click title to continue]

Harper and the Environment are Like Oil and Water

By Maude BarlowCouncil of CanadiansFriday, May 18th, 2012 The Harper government is waging war on Canada’s freshwater.We didn’t start with a strong record. Our national water laws are out-dated, we don’t properly enforce the ones we have and we chronically underfund source water and watershed protection. And consecutive governments refuse to consider the effect on freshwater when creating economic, ... [click title to continue]

Unveiling Canada’s Role in Chile’s Environmental and Political Conflicts

By Cyril MychalejkoToward Freedom15 March 2012 Environmental justice march in Aysén, Chile   A new report reveals the Canadian mining industrial complex's responsibility for social discord and environmentally-destructive policies in Chile's Patagonia region.“Far away, on the southern cone of South America in Chilean Patagonia, exists one of the most beautiful, still-virgin territories on Earth. ... [click title to continue]

On the environment Canada is a rogue state

From Murray Dobbin's Blog February 19, 2012 There are so many areas of conventional democratic governance being challenged or eliminated by the Harper wrecking crew it is hard to keep up. In a search for a line in the sand that even this government won’t cross we still haven’t found it. So far, it seems, there is nothing in the broad field of democratic governance (save the military and prisons) ... [click title to continue]