What Harper’s Majority Means for Our Sustainability

By Jim HardingNo NukesMay 2011“Right living is ‘dharma’ – the bridge between resources, ‘earth’, and human needs, ‘karma’. Dharma is therefore based on the sustainable and just use of resources for fulfilling needs. Ecological balance and social justice are intrinsic to right livelihood, to dharma. ‘Dharanath dharma ucyat’ – that which sustains all species of life and helps maintain ... [click title to continue]

Harper’s record on climate change

The Government of Canada's record on climate change (2006-present)Climate Action Network CanadaNews Release March 25,2011 The current government has taken a reckless approach to one of the greatest challenges of our time. Despite the fact that the impacts of climate change have become increasingly obvious, the government has failed to take this crisis seriously. What follows lays out the government's ... [click title to continue]

Leading climate change and energy experts respond to the 2011 Federal Budget

David Suzuki Foundation March 22, 2011Leading climate change and energy experts from diverse organizations in Canada have responded to the 2011 federal budget as follows:"This budget fails to eliminate over a billion dollars in handouts to big oil. At the present rate ($15 million this year and $30 million next year) the $1.4 billion in subsidies will end in 2109! It seems like year after year, ... [click title to continue]

AbitibiBowater NAFTA settlement has privatized Canadian water, trade committee hears

Council of CanadiansMarch 8, 2011Ottawa – The record-setting $130-million NAFTA settlement with AbitibiBowater has effectively privatized Canada's water by allowing foreign investors to assert a proprietary claim to water permits and even water in its natural state, says trade lawyer and Council of Canadians board member Steven Shrybman, in a presentation to Parliament today."It would be difficult ... [click title to continue]

End Fossil Fuel Tax Breaks

Climate Action Network CanadaGet the government to end tax breaks to dirty fuels!We are only weeks away from the 2011 federal budget and the federal government continues to give billions of dollars in tax breaks to the companies producing oil and gas in Canada. Analysis shows a total of $1.4 billion per year in federal subsidies, $840 million of which are special tax breaks, with a disproportionate ... [click title to continue]

Species-at-risk defenders walk away from NAFTA review process

Citizen’s complaint process a ‘sham,’ groups sayEcoJusticeJan 17, 2011 VANCOUVER — An international coalition of environmental groups, represented by Ecojustice, has withdrawn in protest a complaint against Canada, a first in the history of NAFTA’s environmental watchdog. The complaint, made to the Commission on Environmental Cooperation (CEC) in 2006, alleged that the Canadian government ... [click title to continue]

From NAFTA to CETA: Canada-EU Deep Economic Integration

By Dana GabrielBe Your Own LeaderCanada and the European Union (EU) have already held five rounds of negotiations towards a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) which will go beyond NAFTA. With the sixth round of talks scheduled to take place in Brussels, Belgium from January 17-21, Canadian and EU officials remain optimistic that a deal could be finalized by the end of 2011. Thus far, ... [click title to continue]

Canada-EU trade talks put Canada’s water up for sale, says new report

Canadian Union of Public Employees/Council of CanadiansDec 16, 2010 Report HEREOTTAWA -- Canada’s already challenged public water systems are under threat from a broad free trade agreement being negotiated by Canada and the European Union (EU). A new report released today, Public Water for Sale: How Canada will privatize our public water systems, warns that public water in Canada will be lost unless ... [click title to continue]