The state of politics and climate change – A Northern update

By Rebeka Ryvola Climate Science WatchDecember 12, 2010 photo: Tavis Ford via flickr Canada's conservative government, led by Stephen Harper, seems to be working hard to build up a reputation for irresponsibility in the international community. And they are succeeding: In October Canada failed to win a seat on UN's security council. Critics have cited Canada's foreign policy – including lack of ... [click title to continue]

Climate change threatens North’s sewers, roads, buildings: Parliament report

APTN National News 09. Dec, 2010 by jbarrera OTTAWA-Roads, airports and sewers in Canada’s North face serious threats from the unfolding impacts of climate change, the Parliamentary Aboriginal affairs committee has found, and it is calling on the federal government to step in and protect infrastructure “critical to northerners for their existence.”The committee released a report on the North ... [click title to continue]

Another Fossil of the Day award for Baird in Cancun

'It must be wonderful to live in the magical world of Canada’s Environment Minister.'NUPGE News Ottawa (9 Dec. 10) - Environment Minister John Baird has won another Fossil of the Day award for Canada – its fifth so far – at the United Nations (UN) climate change summit in Cancun, Mexico. Baird, who arrived at the talks this week, was given the latest award for existing in a fantasy world when ... [click title to continue]

Anti-Democratic Behavior of US and Canadian Governments Denounced

Anti-Democratic Behavior of US and Canadian Governments Denounced by Their Own Citizens on Global Day for Climate Justice at UN Climate Change ConferenceBy La Voz: Climate Justice Cross-posted from MRZineUS and Canadian UN COP16 observers and climate justice activists will demonstrate against their governments' position at the climate change conference by joining the Via Campesina and Espacio Mexicano ... [click title to continue]

Canada Insists Oil-Rich Tar Sands Are Sustainable

By Leon KayeTriple Pundit Some of Canada’s most stunning natural beauty is in the prosperous province of Alberta. Walk through downtown Calgary and you get the vibe that it is the true economic center of Canada. Banff and Jasper National Parks boast incredible scenery and awe-inspiring wildlife. About 275 miles and a nine-hour drive away, the landscape changes, and displays the driver behind Alberta’s ... [click title to continue]

Groups demand release of parliamentary findings on tar sands and water

Council of CanadiansThe Indigenous Environmental Network and the Council of Canadians are calling on the Federal government to immediately release the findings of the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development regarding the impacts of Tar Sands operations on Alberta water resources. The Committee had been working on a report after an 18 month investigation, but according ... [click title to continue]

Greenpeace criticizes CPP investment in tar sands

'CPP's investment in the tar sands involves pensioners in a toxic legacy when they should be able to rely on an ethical, sustainable retirement plan.'NUPGE NewsThe Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) has drawn criticism from environmentalists for a decision to invest $250 million in an Alberta tar sands company.Canada's largest pension plan has purchased 8,333,333 shares in Laricina Energy ... [click title to continue]

BC’s carbon tax turns two

By Marc LeeThe Progressive Economics ForumJuly 5th, 2010With all of the attention focused on the HST implementation on July 1, most people seemed to miss the next increment of that other much-hated tax, BC’s carbon tax. As of July 1, the carbon tax is now $20 per tonne of CO2, or about 4.6 cents on a litre of gasoline. And like any two-year old, this toddling tax increase is set to wreak some havoc ... [click title to continue]

Canada owns the podium for inaction at Bonn climate talks

TckTckTckWith international climate treaty negotiations underway again in Bonn, Germany this week, a fossil-of-the-day award has been handed to Canada by the International Climate Action Network (CAN) - a worldwide network of over 450 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).The fossil-of-the-day is given out each day of negotiations as a means of calling out the countries who have been particular bad ... [click title to continue]