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Ecosocialism Canada is an expressly left-wing, ecosocialist site, and the discussions here will reflect that. Comments that defend or promote anti-socialist or pro-capitalist views are not appropriate. Please take such arguments elsewhere.

By posting a comment on this website, you agree that your words may be quoted or republished by Ecosocialism Canada or by others without further permission or notice.

Comments will be moderated and not all will necessarily appear. Comments that violate the letter or spirit of this Policy will be deleted without notice. Repeat violators will be banned without notice or appeal. The moderator is the final authority on this.

Some specifics:

  1. Comments should be relevant to the subject matter discussed in the associated article.
  2. Brief quotations from articles posted elsewhere are acceptable, but long excerpts or entire articles are not. If you believe that another article is relevant, provide a link, not the text.
  3. Comments should be of substance, and where possible backed by facts and/or sources. One-liners, witty or otherwise, are not appropriate.
  4. We use an automatic filtering system to block spam: we accept no responsibility for any message being incorrectly blocked. Any advertising, commercial message or spam that gets through the filter will be removed and the sender will be banned.
  5. The moderator will not approve:
      • Racist, homophobic, sexist, or abusive/derogatory comments.
      • Offensive, insulting or libelous comments about individuals.
      • Comments  whose apparent purpose is to impede debate by baiting others or provoking heated responses.
      • Comments from climate change deniers of any political persuasion.
      • Comments that do not include  a valid email address.

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