Species-at-risk defenders walk away from NAFTA review process

Citizen’s complaint process a ‘sham,’ groups sayEcoJusticeJan 17, 2011 VANCOUVER — An international coalition of environmental groups, represented by Ecojustice, has withdrawn in protest a complaint against Canada, a first in the history of NAFTA’s environmental watchdog. The complaint, made to the Commission on Environmental Cooperation (CEC) in 2006, alleged that the Canadian government ... [click title to continue]

Polar bear population in Canada could fall by 30 per cent in a year

Lesley Ciarula TaylorThe Star.com A mathematical analysis for the first time has uncovered the prospect of a sudden, dramatic decline among Canadian polar bears as they starve to death. “This is much, much different. This is not a gradual change,” said Dr. Andrew Derocher, one of the world’s leading polar bear authorities and co-author of the study. “We’re looking at a decrease by 20 or 30 ... [click title to continue]