Relaunching Ecosocialism Canada

Ecosocialism Canada does not pretend to be impartial. This is a partisan project, written and edited by people who strongly believe that an ecological revolution is needed, and that no such revolution is possible within the framework of the capitalist system. In John Bellamy Foster’s words, “There can be no true ecological revolution that is not socialist; no true socialist revolution that is not ecological.” ... [click title to continue]

Le Reseau ecosocialiste: Toward new ways of organizing

In Québec, many socialists and anti-capitalists see ecosocialism, the junction of socialism, Marxism and critical ecological justice, as a necessary framework under which to organize. Ecosocialism is an analysis that correctly identifies capitalism and the pursuit of profit as the driving force behind environmental destruction and climate chaos. ... [click title to continue]

Ecosocialism and Deglobalization

By Aurélien Bernier Le Journal des Alternatives September 3, 2012 This is a google translation of the original article"Wild industrialization that accumulates pollution, urbanization out of scale that dislocates communities, no longer meet the needs and aspirations of present time. The time has come to define a new growth. "[...]"I insist, in fact, for several years, and in various circumstances, ... [click title to continue]

Canada needs system change not climate change

What does it mean where the rubber hits the road?By Eric DohertyStraight.comOctober 11, 2011The slogan “System change not climate change” is well known in Europe, and is becoming a central rallying cry in the growing global movement for climate justice. But to many people in North America, it is still an unfamiliar and even threatening slogan. So what does “system change” mean where the rubber ... [click title to continue]

Ecosocialism: Interview With Ian Angus

Radio Adelaide September 23, 2011  Is the Eco-Socialist revolution coming? Ian Angus is a veteran of the Socialist and Environmental movements in Canada.He is also the founder of, and co-author of the new book, “Too Many People? Population, Immigration and the Environmental Crisis”.This weekend he will be visiting Adelaide to host the public forum, “Political ... [click title to continue]

Ecology and Socialism: Introduction

Excerpt“The American way of life is non-negotiable.”—George H.W. Bush, Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, 1992“America is addicted to oil.”—George W. Bush, State of the Union Address, 2008“The world’s energy system is at a crossroads. Current global trends in energy supply and consumption are patently unsustainable— environmentally, economically, socially.” —International Energy Agency, ... [click title to continue]

‘Beyond capitalism’? Québec solidaire launches debate on its program for social transformation

By Richard FidlerLife on the LeftApril 4, 2011MONTRÉAL – At a convention held here March 25-27, Québec solidaire concluded the second round in the process of adopting its program. More than 350 delegates from party associations across the province debated and adopted the party’s stance on issues in relation to the economy, ecology and labour. And they reaffirmed their determination to build the ... [click title to continue]

Saskatoon ecosocialists organize

Ecosocialists in Saskatoon have organized and set up a website. Visit for more information. The Saskatoon Parklands Eco-left Collective, SPEC. We are a non-partisan political collective seeking to bring together the wisdom of the left and the wisdom of the earth, seeking to envision and build an ecological socialist future, and organizing primarily in the Saskatoon and ... [click title to continue]