Canada urged to protect boreal forest watershed

Report cites untouched lakes, rivers and wetlands - says conservation efforts often overlook watershedBy Allan DowdReuters Wed Mar 16, 2011VANCOUVER, March 16 (Reuters) - Canada's northern forest harbors a vital freshwater reserve, but the environmental value of the resource is underappreciated and it needs more protection, according to a study released on Wednesday.The boreal forest, stretching right ... [click title to continue]

Tarnished Earth: the destruction of Canada’s boreal forest

The GuardianTarnished Earth is a dramatic street gallery of photographs telling the story of the destruction of Canada's boreal forest - a continuous belt of coniferous trees separating the tundra to the north and temperate rainforest and deciduous woodlands to the south. The exhibition, which is being staged by The Co-operative, in conjunction with WWF-UK and Greenpeace, and will later tour cities ... [click title to continue]

Boreal Forest Conflicts Far From Over

Mainstream enviros, timber industry shut First Nations out of "historic" deal By Dawn PaleyVancouver Media Co-op Timber companies and environmental organizations came together Tuesday to announce the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, which they say could protect a swath of boreal forest twice the size of Germany, and maintain forestry jobs across the country."This is an agreement between the two principle ... [click title to continue]