Enbridge Pipe Dreams and Nightmares

The Economic Costs and Benefits of the Proposed Northern Gateway PipelineBC Office, CCPAMarch 21, 2012PDF HERE.A new study reviews the economic case for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline (NGP) and casts serious doubt on claims that the pipeline will lead to substantial job creation and other economic benefits.Enbridge claims that the NGP will create 63,000 person years of employment during the ... [click title to continue]

What’s radical about the controversy over Northern Gateway?

By Jim HardingNo NukesJanuary 17, 2012The Syrian regime blames its domestic uprising on “foreign-supported terrorists”. The Harper regime joins the international chorus condemning Syria’s suppression of the democracy activists. Then the Harper regime blames “foreign-funded environmentalists” for trying to stop Canadian jobs from Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline. The oppositional activists, ... [click title to continue]

David Suzuki: Northern Gateway pipeline project is about profits versus environment

By David Suzuki  Straight.com January 10, 2012  The battle lines are drawn, and Northern B.C.’s pristine wilderness is the latest front. With hearings underway into the proposed $5.5-billion, dual 1,172-kilometre Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project to transport bitumen from the Alberta tar sands to Kitimat and imported condensate to dilute it from the coast back to Alberta, the ... [click title to continue]

Native leaders vow to block Northern Gateway pipeline

By Wendy StueckGlobe and MailDec. 02, 2011Describing their opposition to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project as an unbreakable wall, native leaders say they will physically block the project if regulators allow it to proceed. Ta' Kaiya Blaney, 10, speaks Thursday during a signing ceremony with other first nations members in Vancouver after an announcement on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway ... [click title to continue]

The Keystone Pipeline: Can labor and environmentalists work together?

By Mark Gruenberg People's World  August 31 2011 WASHINGTON - Building Trades unions are backing - and transit unions opposing - the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline, from the tar sands of the Canadian province of Alberta to the oil refineries of the U.S. Gulf Coast.The unions' stands come as the $7 billion project, which is estimated to create at least 20,000 construction jobs ... [click title to continue]

Ignoring Climate Change, State Department Report Concludes Keystone XL Has ‘No Significant Impacts’

The State Department issued its final environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline today, finding that it would bring “no significant impacts” on the environment – even while substantially increasing greenhouse gas emissions and crossing major aquifers and wetlands across the country. By Stephen Lacey Climate Progress,  26/08/11                                                               ... [click title to continue]

TransCanada Says Keystone Pipeline Could Be Used for Bulk Water Removals

Council of Canadians August 16, 2011 Ottawa and Washington, D.C. — The Council of Canadians and Food & Water Watch are sounding the alarm over TransCanada’s speculation that the Keystone Pipeline could potentially be used for bulk water removals from the Ogallala aquifer.TransCanada pipelines operations director Jim Krause testified at the Nebraska state assembly earlier this year that ... [click title to continue]

Overheard: Asia’s View of Alberta, Tar Sands and Pipelines

If this insider is right, Gateway is purely a ploy and Canadians are rubes. By Michael ByersTheTyee.ca16 August 2011"The small Canadian oil companies have been windfalls for us. They won't work with the majors. They don't trust them. And they don't know anything -- they want to export bitumen to Asia!"The East-West Center is a U.S. government-funded think tank that has been promoting cooperation with ... [click title to continue]

Canadian Delegation Talks Pipeline Impacts in Washington

Fears over spills, environmental impact spur concerns on both sides of borderBy Trevor Kehoe The Dominion July 22, 2011VANCOUVER—First Nations and environmental representatives from Canada are ratcheting up the pressure against the oil sands by taking their campaigning to the United States. In late May, a delegation headed to Washington, DC, to lobby against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline expansion ... [click title to continue]