Canada-EU trade talks put Canada’s water up for sale, says new report

Canadian Union of Public Employees/Council of CanadiansDec 16, 2010 Report HEREOTTAWA -- Canada’s already challenged public water systems are under threat from a broad free trade agreement being negotiated by Canada and the European Union (EU). A new report released today, Public Water for Sale: How Canada will privatize our public water systems, warns that public water in Canada will be lost unless ... [click title to continue]

Groups demand release of parliamentary findings on tar sands and water

Council of CanadiansThe Indigenous Environmental Network and the Council of Canadians are calling on the Federal government to immediately release the findings of the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development regarding the impacts of Tar Sands operations on Alberta water resources. The Committee had been working on a report after an 18 month investigation, but according ... [click title to continue]

CoC warns of loopholes in new federal water legislation

The Council of Canadians is concerned with the newly introduced Bill C-26, An Act to amend the International Boundary Waters Treaty Act and the International River Improvements Act. “The Council of Canadians doesn’t see Bill C-26 as a ban on bulk water exports and while the federal government claims it will strengthen the IBWTA, the Act actually weakens certain important elements,” says Council ... [click title to continue]

Walkerton’s lessons poorly learned

A national water update revealing the emerging two tier system of safe drinking water access that is emerging in Canada ten years after Walkerton. EcoJustice Ten years after Walkerton, Canadians remain at risk of waterborne disease outbreaks as a growing divide emerges between those who have access to safe drinking water and those that do not. Ecojustice and Forum for Leadership on Water (FLOW) ... [click title to continue]