Environmental crime scene in Regina

Written by Hunter ActUp in SaskatchewanMarch 3 was the day the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) held its annual meeting in Toronto. RBC is the largest financier of the environmentally devastating Alberta Tar Sands project. Since 2007 the RBC has extended over $14.3 billion (USD) in credit to companies operating in the Alberta Tar Sands. The tar sands operation currently uses 350 billion litres of water annually, ... [click title to continue]

Cashing in on the Tar Sands

Taxpayers' money involved in financing controversial tar sands companiesIndignous Envionmental Network NewsIt's been revealed that RBS have been involved in providing loans worth $7.5 billion in the last three years to companies carrying out highly controversial ‘tar sands’ mining [1] in Canada.A coalition of NGOs including PLATFORM, the World Development Movement, People & Planet and Friends of ... [click title to continue]

Raging Grannies do Climate Change, in song!

by Cathy Fitzgerald An art and ecology notebook Please, pour yourself a cup of tea and join us . . . We are out in the streets promoting peace, justice, social and economic equality through song and humour.Just a little something for International Women’s day later this week (8 March), a bit of music from the Canada-led 15 year plus phenomenon, the now International Raging Grannies and one of their ... [click title to continue]