Leading climate change and energy experts respond to the 2011 Federal Budget

David Suzuki Foundation 
March 22, 2011

Leading climate change and energy experts from diverse organizations in Canada have responded to the 2011 federal budget as follows:

“This budget fails to eliminate over a billion dollars in handouts to big oil. At the present rate ($15 million this year and $30 million next year) the $1.4 billion in subsidies will end in 2109! It seems like year after year, the Harper Government continues to out do itself in terms of neglecting environmental protection and the green economy.”

  • Steven Guilbeault, Deputy Director, Equiterre — 514.605.2000

“The federal government still doesn’t have a credible climate change plan for reducing carbon emissions from all sources. Although the Budget maintains some funding for clean air and climate change initiatives, investment in these programs is dwarfed by the $1.4 billion of special tax breaks to the oil and gas industry.”
  • Ian Bruce, Team Lead, Climate Change & Clean Energy Program, David Suzuki Foundation — 604.306.5095

“The budget is mum on Canada’s $400 million commitment to help communities overseas adapt to climate change. Let’s hope this does not mean climate financing will be poached from the aid budget, diverting funds needed to fight poverty.”
  • Mark Fried, Oxfam Canada — 613.668.4801

“This budget slashes clean energy programs and goes full-steam ahead with over a billion dollars in handouts to big oil. Despite a short-term lifeline for home energy retrofits, the overall trend is a disaster. Climate change is a serious problem and this country deserves a government that takes the problem seriously.”
  • Graham Saul, Executive Director, Climate Action Network Canada — 613.558.3368
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