Building an ecosocialist movement in Canada

By Doug Taylor

The political postions held by those advocating ecosocialism in Canada are many and varied, as they are elsewhere. They include green social democrats, left-wing environmentalists and many hues of Marxists, socialists and anarchists.
So how do we proceed to build a movement for ecosocialism and what might be the first steps in the process?

Among a small group subscribing to an ecosocialist email list, the discussion has been sporatic and  lacks conclusion.

Options discussed include:

  • work within existing parties, either the Green Party or the NDP
  • a new political organization\party adhering to ecosocialist goals
  • focus on work with environmentalists, unions and others in common struggles while promoting ecosocialism

Despite the differences over these positions, there seems to be a strong sense that we need to start with connection and communication. Start by initiating local activities but with a common theme or purpose. Surely all positions can be accomodated, particularly at this early stage of education and agitation. Maybe that is the point of any initiative.

This blog was set up to assist this discussion and open it up to others.

Let’s have a discussion on concrete steps to move forward, make connections and start the hard process of organizing. Join in, comment, contribute an article or opinion!

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