Canadian Aboriginal Concerns With Oil Sands

A compilation of key issues, resolutions and legal activitiesBy Danielle Droitsch , Terra Simieritsch Pembina Institute Sep 19, 2010 Aboriginal communities have been raising concerns about the impacts of oil sands development on their communities and their legal rights for a number of years. Increasingly, these concerns are manifesting themselves as formal resolutions and legal challenges. This briefing ... [click title to continue]

Boreal Forest Conflicts Far From Over

Mainstream enviros, timber industry shut First Nations out of "historic" deal By Dawn PaleyVancouver Media Co-op Timber companies and environmental organizations came together Tuesday to announce the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, which they say could protect a swath of boreal forest twice the size of Germany, and maintain forestry jobs across the country."This is an agreement between the two principle ... [click title to continue]

Indigenous knowledge vital to understanding climate change

By Anne MinardNatGeo Newswatch Global warming is a simple enough concept. But it doesn't explain all the changes the Inuit have noticed. The Inuit, a group of indigenous people inhabiting a huge band of territory in northern Alaska and Canada and coastal Greenland, are confused by spring these days.The top layer of snow no longer freezes hard at night in June, which makes nighttime sled runs more ... [click title to continue]

Inuit see what’s happening to Arctic ice

By Tristan Pearce and James D. FordThe Record In the politically charged atmosphere that is climate change, new data — information that Arctic sea ice cover is nearly back to average after years of dramatic declines — has been paraded by climate skeptics as yet more evidence that climate change is a hoax. While this would appear a happy story, it is just that: a story. The National Snow and ... [click title to continue]

The impact of uranium mining on indigenous communities.

by Heather Tufts Peace, Earth and Justice NewsThe climate change debate positions nuclear power as a partial solution to carbon emissions according to some scientists and politicians. Uranium mining speculation lacks comprehensive health and safety regulations while the ethics of Canadian exported uranium, which can lead to depleted uranium used in zones of war, needs greater scrutiny. Abandoned uranium ... [click title to continue]

First Nations at Copenhagen

On Monday a protest was held at the Canadian Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark to highlight the fact that Canada's tar sands production is the leading contributor to carbon emissions nationally. Carrier Sekani Tribal Council  territories are directly impacted from the tar sands through the pipeline proposal being brought forward by companies like Enbridge. Vice Tribal Chief Terry Teegee spoke to ... [click title to continue]

Cree aboriginal group to join London climate camp protest over tar sands

Canadian First Nations seek to highlight UK's 'criminal' role in CO2-heavy oil schemes by Terry Macalister Photograph: Orjan F. Ellingvag/Dagens Naringsliv/CorbisMembers of the Cree aboriginal peoples are to join the Climate Camp protests in the City of London this week in an attempt to draw attention to corporate Britain's "criminal" involvement in the tar sands of Canada.Guardian ... [click title to continue]