April 22: No Pipelines! No Tankers! Call to Action

Indigenous Environmental Network On April 22, Mother Earth Day, there is a call to action for organizing rallies as a public display of growing opposition to three major pipeline projects in British Columbia. These pipelines include: Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal, the expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline, and the construction of Pacific Trails Pipeline by Apache, ... [click title to continue]

What’s radical about the controversy over Northern Gateway?

By Jim HardingNo NukesJanuary 17, 2012The Syrian regime blames its domestic uprising on “foreign-supported terrorists”. The Harper regime joins the international chorus condemning Syria’s suppression of the democracy activists. Then the Harper regime blames “foreign-funded environmentalists” for trying to stop Canadian jobs from Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline. The oppositional activists, ... [click title to continue]

Hope in Resistance Conference

The Council of Canadians and a number of Québec and First Nations peoples, student and labour groups came together for a major conference in Montréal October 21-22.The conference explored how we can work together as civil society movements in Canada, Québec, and the First Nations to create positive alternatives to a system that makes profits more important than people and the planet.People ... [click title to continue]

Indigenous People: A Key to Environmental Rescue

An interview with Clayton Thomas-Muller Michael Welch  Canadian Dimension December 15th 2011 Michael Welsh: Clayton Thomas-Muller, you’re on staff with the Indigenous Environment Network and a founder of Defenders of the Land. What distinguishes them from other Indigenous organizations?Clayton Thomas-Muller: Defenders of the Land is a new initiative. It was created to provide a forum for the ... [click title to continue]

Nunavut youth accepts Canada’s “Colossal Fossil” award in Durban

"The embarrassing part was me being Canadian" By Frank Tester Special to Nunatsiaq News December 9, 2011 Sponsored by the Climate Action Network, a global coalition of over 700 non-governmental organizations dealing with climate change, a “First Place Fossil” award went to New Zealand for its mixed messages on climate change action.DURBAN, South Africa — Canada picked up an award Dec. ... [click title to continue]

Native leaders vow to block Northern Gateway pipeline

By Wendy StueckGlobe and MailDec. 02, 2011Describing their opposition to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project as an unbreakable wall, native leaders say they will physically block the project if regulators allow it to proceed. Ta' Kaiya Blaney, 10, speaks Thursday during a signing ceremony with other first nations members in Vancouver after an announcement on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway ... [click title to continue]

Conservative free trade agenda low on jobs, environmental protection

Council of CanadiansNovember 15, 2011Free trade agreements with Panama and Jordan, legislation for which was announced today by International Trade Minister Ed Fast, will have little effect on jobs or the economy while putting Panamanian workers, Indigenous peoples and environmental protections at risk, says the Council of Canadians and MiningWatch Canada."The amount of trade Canada does with either ... [click title to continue]

Climate Change and Indigenous Movements

By Ben PowlessNew Socialist webzine07 November 2011 Climate change: you can't get away from it these days.Except for a few die-hard holdouts, the scientific argument has carried the day in most places. It is now recognized as an international priority, though you wouldn't know it from the actions of our so-called leadership. That urgency is being felt by nobody more than Indigenous Peoples, who happen ... [click title to continue]

We won one battle against big oil, but not the war

Statement of the Indigenous Environmental NetworkNovember 11, 2011Mother Earth Achieves a Victory Today with Obama Administration Decision to Delay the Keystone XL Pipeline Decision The United States Department of State and President Barack Obama announced they would seek a new environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline. This will delay and hopefully stop the Trans Canada Corporation from pursuing ... [click title to continue]