Canada urged to protect boreal forest watershed

Report cites untouched lakes, rivers and wetlands - says conservation efforts often overlook watershedBy Allan DowdReuters Wed Mar 16, 2011VANCOUVER, March 16 (Reuters) - Canada's northern forest harbors a vital freshwater reserve, but the environmental value of the resource is underappreciated and it needs more protection, according to a study released on Wednesday.The boreal forest, stretching right ... [click title to continue]

Canadians can’t afford Candu complacency

Japan or Canada, a nuke is a nuke. By Paul McKayStraightGoodsTuesday, March 15 2011Nuclear power operators sometimes joke that they function in a world that is 95 percent boredom and 5 percent terror.The brave crews remaining at the stricken Fukushima power complex in Japan are now staring down terror 100 percent of the time, as they scramble to keep four nuclear furnaces cooled and prevent highly ... [click title to continue]

Socialists say ‘no’ to Arctic drilling

News wires 10 March 2011 Norway's Socialist Left party vowed today to reject any compromise that could lead to drilling off a pristine Arctic archipelago, setting the stage for talks that risk fracturing the Labour-led cabinet.The untapped waters around the Lofoten and Versteraalen islands are regarded by the oil industry as the most promising that remain off Norway, whose output has fallen by a third ... [click title to continue]

In America’s Capital, a Fierce Fight over Oil Sands

Today begins The Tyee's major series reported from Washington on the intense, high stakes political struggle fueled by Alberta crude. By By Geoff DembickiTheTyee.ca14 March 2011In the hallways and offices of America's capital city, a war is being quietly waged out of view of most Canadians and Americans.The outcome will decide North America's energy future and its impact on the planet's climate.The ... [click title to continue]

Nuclear safety worries spread to Europe

Disaster puts pressure on governments, with protests in Germany and concern over new plant plans in Italy and the UK Tracy 12 March 2011 Angela Merkel is among several European politicians under pressure over their energy policy after the Japan earthquake. Tens of thousands of people have taken part in an anti-nuclear demonstration in southern Germany. The demonstration ... [click title to continue]

AbitibiBowater NAFTA settlement has privatized Canadian water, trade committee hears

Council of CanadiansMarch 8, 2011Ottawa – The record-setting $130-million NAFTA settlement with AbitibiBowater has effectively privatized Canada's water by allowing foreign investors to assert a proprietary claim to water permits and even water in its natural state, says trade lawyer and Council of Canadians board member Steven Shrybman, in a presentation to Parliament today."It would be difficult ... [click title to continue]

How Ethical are Canada’s Ethical Funds?

“Conscientious” investments and the tar sands connection   By Larry Powell The Dominion - Photo: Larry Powell Ethical Funds, and investing ethically in general, sounds good on paper. But how good is it in practice?  "The greatest contribution that I appreciate from the Dominion is that one feels the energies, the focus of a new generation of Canadians ... [click title to continue]

Liberate Tate continues to protest oil funded arts

By Amanda McCuaig  Art Threat March 7, 2011   Liberate Tate will be one of the many artists featured in 6 Billion Ways, an event aimed at informing and mobilizing a wide range of people on local and global justice issues. The event takes place on Saturday, March 5 at Rich Mix in London.They will be joined by PLATFORM and Art Not Oil.“Across the world, ordinary people are paying the price ... [click title to continue]