Council of Canadians taking action in Cochabamba

Council of Canadians team prepares for Cochabamba Photo: (L-R) - Anil Naidoo (Blue Planet Project Organizer), Maude Barlow (National Chairperson), Andrea Harden-Donahue (Energy Campaigner), and Brent Patterson (Director of Campaigns and Communications) will be on the ground in Cochabamba from Aptil 19-22, 2010. The climate justice movement grew dramatically in strength during the Copenhagen climate ... [click title to continue]

Offsetting Resistance: The effects of foundation funding from the Great Bear Rainforest to the Athabasca River

A report by Macdonald Stainsby and Dru Oja Jaywww.offsettingresistance.caA movement is building to shut down the tar sands, one of the most destructive projects in human history. Decisions are being made about the strategies that will be used and the goals that will be pursued. But as the number of people opposing the tar sands grows larger, the number of people making the crucial decisions is getting ... [click title to continue]

Environmental crime scene in Regina

Written by Hunter ActUp in SaskatchewanMarch 3 was the day the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) held its annual meeting in Toronto. RBC is the largest financier of the environmentally devastating Alberta Tar Sands project. Since 2007 the RBC has extended over $14.3 billion (USD) in credit to companies operating in the Alberta Tar Sands. The tar sands operation currently uses 350 billion litres of water annually, ... [click title to continue]

Greens would cut taxes and balance the budget

- Green Party of Canada This week, in a cross-country launch, the Green Party of Canada unveiled a series of key policies that together would work to bring Canada out of the current structural deficit and into a new green economy. “I am here on Parliament Hill, where all MPs should be, to continue the important conversation started by the Parliamentary Budget Officer. Our country suffers from a triple ... [click title to continue]

Canada’s Green Party: Where did it all go wrong?

Ecosocialism Canada presents this commentary from Stuart Hertzog's blog While EC would argue that an anti-capitalist orientation is required to resolve both our human and environmental crisis, we need to reflect critically on the experience of the green movement. It remains a very uneven development across the globe and green politics have grown to reflect a spectrum of positions. ... [click title to continue]