Ignoring Climate Change, State Department Report Concludes Keystone XL Has ‘No Significant Impacts’

The State Department issued its final environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline today, finding that it would bring “no significant impacts” on the environment – even while substantially increasing greenhouse gas emissions and crossing major aquifers and wetlands across the country. By Stephen Lacey Climate Progress,  26/08/11                                                               ... [click title to continue]

Tar Sands Action in Ottawa!

JOIN US THIS FALL!On September 26th 2011 we’re planning a peaceful protest in Ottawa to say no to a toxic tar sands industry and defuse the largest carbon bomb in North America. With people power and the time-tested tactics of civil disobedience – join thousands of people from across the country in a sit-in. Together we’ll amplify our voices and escalate the movement and stop the tar ... [click title to continue]

VIDEO: Tar Sands Action By “Gasland” Director Josh Fox

By Jenn Breckenridge The Understory“There’s only been one tool that people have turned to in desperate times to change the world: Civil disobedience.”Director Josh Fox was nominated for an Oscar for his film Gasland, which exposed the impact of hydraulic fracturing of the earth for natural gas, also known as fracking. Today, he turns his documentarian skills towards the Alberta tar sands ... [click title to continue]

People’s Assembly Fair in Toronto

The People’s Assembly Fair on August 27th, 2011 at Dufferin Grove Park By torontopeoplesassemblyJune 30, 2011 Since the G20, the Toronto People’s Assembly has formed three times as a space where the climate and social justice community converges. In our first Assembly, we identified several key components of how climate and environmental justice related to our city. For the second Assembly, we ... [click title to continue]

Green MP Elizabeth May questions federal climate change plan

By Stephen HuiStraight.comMay 26, 2011 Elizabeth May, Green Party leader Canada’s only Green MP claims she will “leave no stone unturned” holding Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s majority government to account on climate change, but she admitted that Canadians are probably looking at “four more lost years”.“The [emissions reduction] target we have is 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020,” ... [click title to continue]

The Roads We Travelled

Building the Toronto People's Assembly The DominionMay 18, 2011Photo: Marie Zahradnik"Whether it's the Alberta tar sands or our role in Haiti, The Dominion has the guts to look at Canada without the fairytales about our national virtue that comfort and blind us... Only readers like you can keep this crucial voice alive and growing louder. Please, pitch in!" --Naomi Klein. TORONTO—Copenhagen, December ... [click title to continue]

For the Earth: David Orton (1934-2011)

Deep Green Blog David Keith Orton David’s death occurred on the morning of Thursday, May 12th, 2011 at his home in Watervale, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. David was born in Portsmouth, England on January 6th, 1934. He lived in Canada since 1957. David was an activist and deep green philosopher, who dedicated his life to developing the theory of Left Biocentrism within the Deep Ecology movement. ... [click title to continue]

What Harper’s Majority Means for Our Sustainability

By Jim HardingNo NukesMay 2011“Right living is ‘dharma’ – the bridge between resources, ‘earth’, and human needs, ‘karma’. Dharma is therefore based on the sustainable and just use of resources for fulfilling needs. Ecological balance and social justice are intrinsic to right livelihood, to dharma. ‘Dharanath dharma ucyat’ – that which sustains all species of life and helps maintain ... [click title to continue]

Two Reports on Montreal Cochabamba +1 Conference

Climate and Capitalism   Below are two reports at Climate and Capitalism. The first is from John Riddell, a member of Toronto Bolivia Solidarity. The second is from Matthew Brett, a student and contributor to Canadian Dimension magazine and the Socialist Project. He can be reached through his website at http://www.zcommunications.org/zspace/m_brett. Montreal Meeting Shows Growing Support for Climate ... [click title to continue]