TransCanada Says Keystone Pipeline Could Be Used for Bulk Water Removals

Council of Canadians August 16, 2011 Ottawa and Washington, D.C. — The Council of Canadians and Food & Water Watch are sounding the alarm over TransCanada’s speculation that the Keystone Pipeline could potentially be used for bulk water removals from the Ogallala aquifer.TransCanada pipelines operations director Jim Krause testified at the Nebraska state assembly earlier this year that ... [click title to continue]

Overheard: Asia’s View of Alberta, Tar Sands and Pipelines

If this insider is right, Gateway is purely a ploy and Canadians are rubes. By Michael ByersTheTyee.ca16 August 2011"The small Canadian oil companies have been windfalls for us. They won't work with the majors. They don't trust them. And they don't know anything -- they want to export bitumen to Asia!"The East-West Center is a U.S. government-funded think tank that has been promoting cooperation with ... [click title to continue]

Canadian Delegation Talks Pipeline Impacts in Washington

Fears over spills, environmental impact spur concerns on both sides of borderBy Trevor Kehoe The Dominion July 22, 2011VANCOUVER—First Nations and environmental representatives from Canada are ratcheting up the pressure against the oil sands by taking their campaigning to the United States. In late May, a delegation headed to Washington, DC, to lobby against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline expansion ... [click title to continue]

In BC, Pipes Spell Double Trouble

KSL gas pipeline is low profile, high threat By Dawn Paley The DominionJune 20, 2011VANCOUVER—The struggle against the proposed Enbridge pipeline, which has galvanized First Nations throughout northern BC and earned popular support from people across the country, has become one of the highest profile Indigenous and environmental issues in Canada. Concerns are mounting that in Enbridge's shadow, ... [click title to continue]

Stopping Enbridge

Endbridge – Why The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Proposal And All Tar Sands Expansion From Alberta To The B.C. West Coast Will Be Stopped In Its Tracks By The Unity Of Indigenous Nations Published by dustinatsierraIt's Getting Hot in HereMay 16th, 2011If you have ever driven on most of the northern highways in northern Alberta you will be presented with a picture of a tame prairie terrain, ... [click title to continue]

Residents, including children, sick after large oil spill in the Peace Region

Climate Connections4 May 2011Little Buffalo community members, including school children, continue to experience nausea, burning eyes and headaches after one of the largest pipeline spills in Alberta history last Friday by Plains All American leaked nearly 30,000 barrels of oil into Lubicon traditional territory in the Peace Region of Northern Alberta.Instead of attending an in-person community meeting, ... [click title to continue]

Environment Minister Kent ‘won’t get far’ in the U.S. if he accuses groups against oil sands expansion of being slanderers, say environmentalists

'He seems more interested in smearing Americans as slanderers than addressing the concerns that we have with the environmental impacts of tar sands oil,' says Friends of the Earth.By Tim NaumetzThe Hill TimesJan 12, 2011 PARLIAMENT HILL – U.S. environmental groups Environment Minister Peter Kent accused of slander and “outright lies” about petroleum extraction from Alberta’s oil sands are reacting ... [click title to continue]

Another pipe dream

By Marc Lee Progressive Economics ForumJanuary 13th, 2011The Weyburn, Saskatchewan carbon capture and storage (CCS) project has sprung big leaks, and with it the argument that CCS can make dirty fossil fuels clean. The core idea behind CCS is taking CO2 emissions and piping them back underground where they are supposed to stay, forever. In the case of Weyburn, the CO2 comes from a coal plant across ... [click title to continue]

Caution Ahead for Pipeline

Green Party of Canada OTTAWA -- The Green Party of Canada today is cautioning that the MacKenzie Valley pipeline got a flashing yellow- not a green light from the National Energy Board (NEB) review and it will now be up to legislators how or if the project goes forward. Imperial Oil is demanding even more government money than what it has already received before committing to begin construction of ... [click title to continue]