Canadian Dimension Focuses on Ecosocialism

Canadian DimensionThe division within the environmental movement between market ecologism and ecosocialism has become increasingly clear with the failure of Copenhagen and the promise of Cochabamba. This issue of CD focuses on the rising tide of ecosocialism. We feature an exclusive interview with ecosocialist founder Joel Kovel; the CD panel at the Peoples’ Summit on building the ecosocialist movement; ... [click title to continue]

Québec: For Ecosocialist Independence

By Marc Bonhomme.To avert an ecological crisis, the United Nations says, a country like Canada must, by 2020, reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from their 1990 level, and by 90%by 2050. Quebec’s emissions in 2007 (the latest statistics) were 5% above the 1990 level, and Canada’s 20%.? A turnabout like this must go far beyond changes in individuals’ behaviour, which in any case are quite ... [click title to continue]