Le Reseau ecosocialiste: Toward new ways of organizing

In Québec, many socialists and anti-capitalists see ecosocialism, the junction of socialism, Marxism and critical ecological justice, as a necessary framework under which to organize. Ecosocialism is an analysis that correctly identifies capitalism and the pursuit of profit as the driving force behind environmental destruction and climate chaos. ... [click title to continue]

Quebec green groups organize "Quiet Spring" protest

By Mike De SouzaPostmedia NewsApril 9, 2012 Quebec's attention has been arrested recently by the massive student protests against tuition hikes, but a group of artists and activists is planning an Earth Day protest to bring together Quebeckers opposed to the Harper government's environmental policies. Photograph by: Dario Ayala , The Gazette . Organizers of a "Quiet Spring" protest slated for ... [click title to continue]

Quebec on the verge of catastrophic climate change, expert says

By William MarsdenThe GazetteDecember 29, 2011 Richelieu River Flooding Record floods, melting permafrost, shoreline erosion and intense winds caused havoc for thousands of Quebecers as 2011 proved to be yet another year of higher than normal temperatures.These higher temperatures add to the credibility of climate models that have predicted the march of global warming will accelerate the more greenhouse ... [click title to continue]

Opponents of natural gas in Quebec warn of civil disobedience

The Canadian PressMay 31, 2011 QUEBEC — Opponents of shale gas development in Quebec have warned that they might engage in civil disobedience to keep the industry from taking off in the province.One protest leader said people would tie themselves to gas companies’ machinery and block their trucks if exploration activities went ahead.Several dozen opponents of shale gas are marching through Quebec ... [click title to continue]

‘Beyond capitalism’? Québec solidaire launches debate on its program for social transformation

By Richard FidlerLife on the LeftApril 4, 2011MONTRÉAL – At a convention held here March 25-27, Québec solidaire concluded the second round in the process of adopting its program. More than 350 delegates from party associations across the province debated and adopted the party’s stance on issues in relation to the economy, ecology and labour. And they reaffirmed their determination to build the ... [click title to continue]

Stopping the Flow: Quebec Climate Action Camp takes on the Enbridge Trailbreaker project

By Cameron FentonThe Dominion - http://www.dominionpaper.ca/                 Climate Campers march to the site of the Enbridge's proposed pumping station in Dunham, QC. Photo: allan.lissner.net/Allan Cedillo Lissner DUNHAM, QC—From August 7 to 23, the Quebec Climate Action Camp took root in Dunham, QC—an hour drive southeast of Montreal. The camp aimed to continue to build ... [click title to continue]

Québec: For Ecosocialist Independence

By Marc Bonhomme.To avert an ecological crisis, the United Nations says, a country like Canada must, by 2020, reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from their 1990 level, and by 90%by 2050. Quebec’s emissions in 2007 (the latest statistics) were 5% above the 1990 level, and Canada’s 20%.? A turnabout like this must go far beyond changes in individuals’ behaviour, which in any case are quite ... [click title to continue]