Climate change to warm Canada with increased temperatures of up to 2?C by 2020 and 4?C by 2050

Canada NewsWireJune 11, 2012Canada's most comprehensive climate change adaptation report calls for immediate actionIntact Financial Corporation and the University of Waterloo, along with more than 80 experts from across the country, today released the Climate Change Adaptation Project report, which provides a roadmap for adaptation in Canada. It projects rising temperatures across the country and ... [click title to continue]

Warming of two degrees inevitable over Canada: study

PhysOrg.comMarch 4, 2012SFU geographer Kirsten Zickfeld notes in a new paper she has co-authored that northern hemisphere dwellers will suffer more severe effects of climate change than others.Even if zero emissions of greenhouse gases were to be achieved, the world’s temperature would continue to rise by about a quarter of a degree over a decade. That’s a best-case scenario, according to a paper ... [click title to continue]

Heartland associate taught ‘biased’ climate course at Ottawa university

Expert audit finds man connected with climate sceptic thinktank taught climate course to students at Carleton UniversityBy Suzanne February 2012 An associate of the Heartland Institute, the thinktank devoted to discrediting climate change, taught a course at a top Canadian university that contained more than 140 false, biased and misleading claims about climate science, an ... [click title to continue]

On the environment Canada is a rogue state

From Murray Dobbin's Blog February 19, 2012 There are so many areas of conventional democratic governance being challenged or eliminated by the Harper wrecking crew it is hard to keep up. In a search for a line in the sand that even this government won’t cross we still haven’t found it. So far, it seems, there is nothing in the broad field of democratic governance (save the military and prisons) ... [click title to continue]

Climate skeptics gathering influence in Tory Senate seats

BY MIKE DE SOUZAPost Media NewsJanuary 21, 2012 Sen. M. LeBreton (R) pins new Conservative Sen. Bert Brown Some of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s newly-appointed senators are emerging as global-warming skeptics in the wake of aggressive government positions to abandon the Kyoto Protocol, slam environmentalists and downplay potential damage caused by Canadian oil and gas exploration.“I felt ... [click title to continue]

The Biggest Story of 2011 for Me? Canada’s Failure on Climate Change

By Maude BarlowCouncil of Canadians December 26th, 2011The biggest story of 2011 for me was the national and international attention given to the environmental dangers of Canada’s tar sands, and the failure of the Harper government to meet our obligations to combat climate change. Until this year, most criticism of Canada’s climate policy was restricted to Canadian and some international environmentalists. ... [click title to continue]

Quebec on the verge of catastrophic climate change, expert says

By William MarsdenThe GazetteDecember 29, 2011 Richelieu River Flooding Record floods, melting permafrost, shoreline erosion and intense winds caused havoc for thousands of Quebecers as 2011 proved to be yet another year of higher than normal temperatures.These higher temperatures add to the credibility of climate models that have predicted the march of global warming will accelerate the more greenhouse ... [click title to continue]

World’s poor pay for Harper’s policies

By Linda McQuaigTheStar.comDec 19 2011In a review last week of the year’s best and worst, Rex Murphy offered up his choice for the most overrated politician of the year: Stephen Harper.Speaking on the “At Issue” panel on CBC-TV’s The National, Murphy mused that the Prime Minister is not nearly as menacing a character as his enemies make him out to be: “He doesn’t have the power that they ... [click title to continue]

Canada condemned at home and abroad for pulling out of Kyoto treaty

China calls Canada's decision 'preposterous', while Greenpeace says the country is protecting polluters instead of people Damian Carrington and Adam Vaughan December 2011Canada has been condemned at home and abroad as "irresponsible" and "reckless" for pulling out of the Kyoto climate treaty, just a day after committing to a future legally binding deal at a major UN climate summit."I ... [click title to continue]