Canada must prepare now for climate change impacts

NUPGE NewsJune 15, 2011Climate change impacts across Canada are become more apparent all the time. Studies are emerging warning us of imminent threats to our safety and well-being. It has become clear that many regions across Canada need to be better prepared to deal with these impacts; from sea level rise on our coasts, floods in central Canada, and water shortages in the west.New Brunswick towns ... [click title to continue]

Tories left oilsands data out of UN report

Numbers indicate rise in annual pollution By MIKE DE SOUZAOttawa CitizenMay 29, 2011 8:01 PM The federal government has acknowledged it deliberately excluded data indicating a 20 per cent increase in annual pollution from Canada’s oilsands industry in 2009 from a recent 567-page report on climate change that it was required to submit to the United Nations.The numbers, uncovered by Postmedia News, ... [click title to continue]

Two Reports on Montreal Cochabamba +1 Conference

Climate and Capitalism   Below are two reports at Climate and Capitalism. The first is from John Riddell, a member of Toronto Bolivia Solidarity. The second is from Matthew Brett, a student and contributor to Canadian Dimension magazine and the Socialist Project. He can be reached through his website at Montreal Meeting Shows Growing Support for Climate ... [click title to continue]

Pablo Solon opens Montreal Conference on the environment: Cochabamba +1

By Roger Rashi Rabble.caApril 15, 2011 Fresh from ongoing international climate negotiations in Bangkok, the Bolivian ambassador to the UN, Pablo Solon, will attend and speak at next week-end's Montreal Conference on Climate Justice. The conference titled Cochabamba +1 : Climate Justice and Ecological Alternatives will feature no fewer than 30 speakers and nine panels, spread over three days, starting ... [click title to continue]

Toronto People’s Assembly: A New Approach to Climate Justice Organizing

By Brett Rhyno and Julien LalondeClimate and CapitalismApril 5, 2011Building a movement with “radical horizontality” Brett Rhyno and Julien Lalonde are independent climate justice community organizers who are helping to organize the 3rd People’s Assembly on Climate Justice in Toronto, April 23rd, 2011.People’s Assemblies are a new organizational paradigm in the Climate Justice movement, based ... [click title to continue]

Energy and climate change review of Liberal Party platform

By Andrea Harden-DonahueCouncil of CanadiansApril 4, 2011 UPDATE: Budget 2011 meets (lowered) expectations I blogged shortly after the budget was announced and provided some analysis on key priority areas of funding for actions addressing climate change; you can find my blog here.Here are a couple of updates:Will this budget see Canada prioritize green infrastructure spending? Will this budget ... [click title to continue]

Harper’s record on climate change

The Government of Canada's record on climate change (2006-present)Climate Action Network CanadaNews Release March 25,2011 The current government has taken a reckless approach to one of the greatest challenges of our time. Despite the fact that the impacts of climate change have become increasingly obvious, the government has failed to take this crisis seriously. What follows lays out the government's ... [click title to continue]

An interview with Naomi Klein

Rob HopkinsTransition Culture 23 Mar 2011 At the end of Naomi Klein’s two-day visit to Totnes, which included a talk (film of which is still to come) and meetings with many of the key players in Transition Town Totnes, I managed to grab an hour with her for an interview. Here, in two parts, is the discussion we had. You’ve spent two days here in Totnes and met lots of people, and I wondered what ... [click title to continue]

Kochs Profit from Canadian Eco-Nightmare

By Geoff DembickiTheTyee.caMarch 22, 2011What do Tea Party rallies, Republican victories, climate-change deniers, Wisconsin's anti-union push, and attacks on a cap-and-trade market for carbon emissions have in common?They're all fueled in part by profits derived from Alberta, Canada's oil sands.Those profits, flowing to a single company, are helping bankroll a libertarian offensive many observers think ... [click title to continue]