New Book: Trade Unions and Canadian Democracy

Next Year Country Books is pleased to announce our first publication.- NYCAs Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party is posed to launch yet another attack on Saskatchewan workers and their unions through their "Labour Law Review",  Lorne Brown's Trade Unions and Canadian Democracy provides a timely historical perspective on the role labour has played in the fight for democratic rights.Submitted by ... [click title to continue]

Ecosocialism and Deglobalization

By Aurélien Bernier Le Journal des Alternatives September 3, 2012 This is a google translation of the original article"Wild industrialization that accumulates pollution, urbanization out of scale that dislocates communities, no longer meet the needs and aspirations of present time. The time has come to define a new growth. "[...]"I insist, in fact, for several years, and in various circumstances, ... [click title to continue]

Arctic wilderness faces pollution threats as oil and gas giants target its riches

Melting ice caps, the influx of trawlers and tourists, and Shell's £4bn investment to drill for fossil fuels in the Chukchi Sea all raise fears By Robin McKie 21 July 2012 It is home to a quarter of the planet's oil and natural gas reserves, yet humans have hardly touched these resources in the far north. But in a few days that could change dramatically if Shell receives approval ... [click title to continue]

Pipeline setback for Enbridge doesn’t deter tar sands/natural gas rush in British Columbia

By Roger AnnisA Socialist in CanadaJuly 14, 2012A four-page report by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board into the disastrous pipeline break by Enbridge Corporation in Michigan last year is probably a final nail in the coffin of the company’s proposed ‘Northern Gateway’ tar sands bitumen pipeline across northern British Columbia to an export terminal in Kitimat.The NSTB concurred with ... [click title to continue]

Why Canada’s scientists need our support

Protests by scientists in Canada may seem like a national issue, but their funding cuts could have a global impact By Alice Bell,11 July 2012  The scientists of Canada are revolting. They marched through Ottawa in their thousands on Tuesday, a sea of white coats making its way up Parliament Hill, carrying tombstones and a coffin to symbolise the "death of evidence", chanting "What ... [click title to continue]

CANADIAN GROUPS RESPOND TO CANADA’S BAD FAITH AND BLOCKING ROLE AT RIO+20 Rio de Janeiro/Ottawa – Following Peter Kent’s statement to Canadian and international media and his address to the Rio+20 plenary, Canadians in Rio and back home issued the following statements.“Canada has been trampling our rights here in Rio and back home by expanding the controversial tar sands into our homeland and poisoning our water, air and earth, and negotiating on their ... [click title to continue]

Rio+20: Canada shielding fossil fuel subsidies at Earth Summit

By Mike De SouzaPostmedia News June 16, 2012 An indigenous man from the Tsleil-Waututh nation of Canada, prays to sacred fire during a ceremony of the "ancient indigenous fire lighting" ceremony at Kari-Oca village in Rio de Janeiro June 13, 2012. Indigenous people from many countries have gathered in the village for the "Rio +20" United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, that will be ... [click title to continue]