Nova Scotia’s Tar Sands

“Shale gas is the fossil fuel industry’s latest suicide mission”By Hillary Bain LindsayThe DominionJune 2, 2011 Protesters gather outside the Nova Scotia legislature in Halifax HALIFAX—After years of learning about climate change and oil and gas development in other parts of the world, Michael Jensen was upset, but not surprised, to learn that natural gas exploration may be coming to his ... [click title to continue]

Opponents of natural gas in Quebec warn of civil disobedience

The Canadian PressMay 31, 2011 QUEBEC — Opponents of shale gas development in Quebec have warned that they might engage in civil disobedience to keep the industry from taking off in the province.One protest leader said people would tie themselves to gas companies’ machinery and block their trucks if exploration activities went ahead.Several dozen opponents of shale gas are marching through Quebec ... [click title to continue]

Canada on Secret Oil Offensive: Documents

Foreign ministry's tar sands team rebranding Alberta oil in Europe By  Martin Lukacs The Dominion May 25, 2011   Clayton Thomas-Mueller from the Indigenous Environmental Network during a protest against the Alberta tar sands in London, England, in 2009 – part of the "resurgence of highly critical public campaigns" that the foreign ministry's secret team is monitoring. Photo: Mike ... [click title to continue]

Canada Falling Behind Global Trend To Green Energy

By Jim Harding Originally published in R-Town NewsMay 20, 2011Recent UN reports confirm that the shift to green energy (renewables, energy efficiency and bio-energy) is gaining ground globally. The United Nations Environmental Program's (UNEP's) report "Global Trends in Green Energy 2009" shows that for the second year in a row investments in green energy topped those in non-renewables - fossil fuels ... [click title to continue]

Harper’s record on climate change

The Government of Canada's record on climate change (2006-present)Climate Action Network CanadaNews Release March 25,2011 The current government has taken a reckless approach to one of the greatest challenges of our time. Despite the fact that the impacts of climate change have become increasingly obvious, the government has failed to take this crisis seriously. What follows lays out the government's ... [click title to continue]

Canadians can’t afford Candu complacency

Japan or Canada, a nuke is a nuke. By Paul McKayStraightGoodsTuesday, March 15 2011Nuclear power operators sometimes joke that they function in a world that is 95 percent boredom and 5 percent terror.The brave crews remaining at the stricken Fukushima power complex in Japan are now staring down terror 100 percent of the time, as they scramble to keep four nuclear furnaces cooled and prevent highly ... [click title to continue]

Socialists say ‘no’ to Arctic drilling

News wires 10 March 2011 Norway's Socialist Left party vowed today to reject any compromise that could lead to drilling off a pristine Arctic archipelago, setting the stage for talks that risk fracturing the Labour-led cabinet.The untapped waters around the Lofoten and Versteraalen islands are regarded by the oil industry as the most promising that remain off Norway, whose output has fallen by a third ... [click title to continue]

Nuclear safety worries spread to Europe

Disaster puts pressure on governments, with protests in Germany and concern over new plant plans in Italy and the UK Tracy 12 March 2011 Angela Merkel is among several European politicians under pressure over their energy policy after the Japan earthquake. Tens of thousands of people have taken part in an anti-nuclear demonstration in southern Germany. The demonstration ... [click title to continue]

How Ethical are Canada’s Ethical Funds?

“Conscientious” investments and the tar sands connection   By Larry Powell The Dominion - Photo: Larry Powell Ethical Funds, and investing ethically in general, sounds good on paper. But how good is it in practice?  "The greatest contribution that I appreciate from the Dominion is that one feels the energies, the focus of a new generation of Canadians ... [click title to continue]