Ecology and Socialism: Introduction

Excerpt“The American way of life is non-negotiable.”—George H.W. Bush, Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, 1992“America is addicted to oil.”—George W. Bush, State of the Union Address, 2008“The world’s energy system is at a crossroads. Current global trends in energy supply and consumption are patently unsustainable— environmentally, economically, socially.” —International Energy Agency, ... [click title to continue]

The Roads We Travelled

Building the Toronto People's Assembly The DominionMay 18, 2011Photo: Marie Zahradnik"Whether it's the Alberta tar sands or our role in Haiti, The Dominion has the guts to look at Canada without the fairytales about our national virtue that comfort and blind us... Only readers like you can keep this crucial voice alive and growing louder. Please, pitch in!" --Naomi Klein. TORONTO—Copenhagen, December ... [click title to continue]

Pablo Solon opens Montreal Conference on the environment: Cochabamba +1

By Roger Rashi Rabble.caApril 15, 2011 Fresh from ongoing international climate negotiations in Bangkok, the Bolivian ambassador to the UN, Pablo Solon, will attend and speak at next week-end's Montreal Conference on Climate Justice. The conference titled Cochabamba +1 : Climate Justice and Ecological Alternatives will feature no fewer than 30 speakers and nine panels, spread over three days, starting ... [click title to continue]

Toronto People’s Assembly: A New Approach to Climate Justice Organizing

By Brett Rhyno and Julien LalondeClimate and CapitalismApril 5, 2011Building a movement with “radical horizontality” Brett Rhyno and Julien Lalonde are independent climate justice community organizers who are helping to organize the 3rd People’s Assembly on Climate Justice in Toronto, April 23rd, 2011.People’s Assemblies are a new organizational paradigm in the Climate Justice movement, based ... [click title to continue]

Green Party blues (and how to help save the country)

Murray Dobbin's BlogApril 5, 2011 Elizabeth May has lost her court challenge of the decision to exclude her from the party leaders’ TV debates. That’s too bad. I would like to see May in the debates – she is the most natural of all the leaders, actually answering questions like a normal human being would rather than the scripted, anal and cautious replies of all the other “leaders.”But it ... [click title to continue]

‘Beyond capitalism’? Québec solidaire launches debate on its program for social transformation

By Richard FidlerLife on the LeftApril 4, 2011MONTRÉAL – At a convention held here March 25-27, Québec solidaire concluded the second round in the process of adopting its program. More than 350 delegates from party associations across the province debated and adopted the party’s stance on issues in relation to the economy, ecology and labour. And they reaffirmed their determination to build the ... [click title to continue]

An interview with Naomi Klein

Rob HopkinsTransition Culture 23 Mar 2011 At the end of Naomi Klein’s two-day visit to Totnes, which included a talk (film of which is still to come) and meetings with many of the key players in Transition Town Totnes, I managed to grab an hour with her for an interview. Here, in two parts, is the discussion we had. You’ve spent two days here in Totnes and met lots of people, and I wondered what ... [click title to continue]

From Henry Ford to Rob Ford: Auto-destruction and possibilities of a car-free future

Dr. JYour Hearts on the Left From car assembly-line pioneer Henry Ford, to Toronto's new pro-car mayor Rob Ford, we are living in an auto-dependent and auto-destructive society that is harming our health and our environment. But a healthy and green, car-free world is still possible.KILLING US SOFTLYDuring every hospital shift I see people who have been directly injured by cars—from whiplash and bruising, ... [click title to continue]